Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: The Timelines Of Misfits

Misfits Yr 3 Group

I started watching the show Misfits after my friend Matt urged me for months on end to watch it and then he promptly stopped after I did. Misfits is a British television show in the vein of Heroes except with a smaller cast and more freedom to do what they want outside of America’s FCC guidelines. In honor of the fourth season premiering a few weeks ago, I wanted to share an article I originally posted on my blog last December. All the seasons are available on Hulu, including the new season’s episodes every Monday. The rest of this article…promises to get very confusing, very quickly. Continue reading

Slater’s Signature Finisher: The Ballad Of Nigel McGuinness


One of the things that has made me happiest as a wrestling fan over the last year has been the rise to the top of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Two independent wrestling stars, who were both told they lacked the star power to make it to the top of WWE, are currently feuding over the WWE Championship. Continue reading