Moves Like Curtis: Wild Card Weekend 2013!


Well, here we are–playoff time! Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Epilepsy Can Ruin Division Titles (Week 17)


And with this, Rivalry Weekend, the 2012 campaign is over for almost everyone. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: You Mad, Bro? (Week 16)


You’ll notice there’s no Monday Night Game.  That’s because some years ago some church-type people got all bent out of shape because the NFL dared put football games on Christmas Eve…so we’re getting Monday off. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Russell Wilson is Unbeatable at Home in his Ugly Uniform (Week 14)


As we get deeper into this last bit of season, there are changes to the positions in the playoff hunt have been pretty surprising…so let’s get to the games right away. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: The Firing Train Is A’Coming! (Week 11)


You know, I love football.  I am proud of being a football fan.  But there are times when I feel ashamed. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Down Goes The Big Ol’ Georgia Dragon? (Week 10)

Martin carries

I know, I know…this is late, and there’s no intro.  I’m sorry… Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes (Week 9)


Gather around, lil’ football fans.  It’s time for Unca Tom to take away some teams’ nicknames! Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: No One Stops The Jugger…J.J. Watt! (Week 6)


Sorry I’m late… Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Introducing the New York Biplanes (Week 5)


I know there are people out there, people who read columns like this, who look for reasons to consign the writers of columns like these as Homers.  Every time a writer like me writes something bad about a casual fan’s team, that fan insists it’s because we only want to write about our team, and screw all the other teams. Continue reading