Better In The Dark – Episode #15: 1408 Months Later, Spiders Rise Fantastically

It’s our latest Review Program, as Tom and Derrick talk about the movies they’ve seen for the months of May through July of 2007. Join The Boys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss 1408, 28 Months Later, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer…plus witness the havoc as both our hosts go thoroughly postal on Spider-Man 3! You don’t want any old podcast, you want to click on the download button now!

Better In The Dark – Episode #15: 1408 Months Later, Spiders Rise Fantastically

ToM: “New York Tendaberry” – Laura Nyro

By Jacob Slater

Or, It’s Always Summer When I’m With You

Maybe it’s because I got into music via the 60s and 70s, but there’s just something about that era that I tend to place higher than any other. There’s the Golden Age of Rock to consider of course, but the same goes for pop and soul music, which in retrospect I’d say hit upon the right combination of commercial viability and critical acceptance that was only rarely touched upon in the years since. Which may be Old Man Thunderbird talking, because I rarely listen to pop music these days and when I do I honestly have difficulty telling different musicians apart. Except for Miley and Kanye, that shit is the bomb.

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Predicting the 2015 NBA Playoffs: First Round


By Kelen Conley

Deadlines are a bitch. I actually had something to say about each of these series as the NBA has been my favorite professional sports league since I was 8 or 9. But my daughter’s first birthday party is today and I have family coming in town and I’m trying to get my verses remembered for MeuwlFest tonight… so you just get picks for now. I’m sorry! I’ll try to do better next time.

Eastern Conference

#1 Atlanta Hawks v. #8 Brooklyn Nets – Hawks in 4.
#2 Cleveland Cavaliers v. #7 Boston Celtics – Cavs in 5.
#3 Chicago Bulls v. #6 Milwaukee Bucks
– Bulls in 7 (after Rose gets hurt again and can’t play the rest of the playoffs. And yes, I’m a Bulls fan).
#4 Toronto Raptors v. #5 Washington Wizards – Raptors in 7.

Western Conference

#1 Golden State Warriors. v. #8 New Orleans Pelicans – Warriors in 6.
#2 Houston Rockets v. #7 Dallas Mavericks – Rockets in 5.
#3 Los Angeles Clippers v. #6 San Antonio Spurs – Spurs in 4.
#4 Portland Trail Blazers v. #5 Memphis Grizzlies – Grizzlies in 5.

Uneducated Guesses About the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: First Round

By Kelen Conley

I’ve been to one live NHL game. I’ve never played hockey or attempted to ice skate. I loved The Mighty Ducks 1 & 2. I had an NHL game for my Game Gear that I was pretty good at and I was pretty decent with the Bruins on NHL ’06. I don’t know what icing or offsides means. I got pretty pumped about the zamboni in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. If I had to name some of my favorite players to watch as a kid, I’d say Lemieux, Jagr, Sakic, and Modano. I was too young to truly appreciate Gretzky. I hated the Red Wings when I was younger and I think Eric Lindros is overrated.

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ToM: “Relentless” – Pentagram

By Jacob Slater

Or, A Magical Mystery Tour of Hell

I really don’t like this review. Not because I dislike Pentagram or this album or anything, but I just remember the writing process being a bitch and a half to get through. Normally when I wrote these things, when I write anything really, I kind of bullshit and improv until I get a kind of groove going so I can get to work, which is why so many of my articles start with me bullshitting about something tangential to the subject. That’s just my system, for better or worse, unless I have to have a crystalline image in my head on how it’s supposed to work. Never really got any strong impressions to jump onto after listening to this record, so by the time the deadline rolled around, I had to force out what little my brain allowed me creatively. Still recommend the record, but probably felt different at the time.

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Mollyfog The Music – Episode #2: Let’s Knife

ROU1243   A2X1243

In this second episode, Kelen tries to hijack the show and make it all about Eminem, the guys refuse to bow to Queen Beyonce, Tom loves Stevie Wonder but thinks he could learn how to wrap it up, a Big Dipper song leads to a prolonged conversation about Shonen Knife, Natalie Merchant had a lot of fun in college, Kay Hanley is talented and hot, and the Doobie Brothers has the guys doing Jalen Rose impressions! Listen. Now.

The Genuine Fakes – Irreplaceable
Stevie Wonder – Rocket Love
Big Dipper – Faith Healer
Natalie Merchant – Carnival
Kay Hanley – This Dreadful Life
The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’

Mollyfog The Music – Episode #2: Let’s Knife