Better In The Dark – Episode #5: We Walked With A (George Romero) Zombie

Once more with more enthusiasm than facts (although we’re getting better), Tom and Derrick spend an hour looking at George Romero’s Dead series. From Night of The Living Dead to Land of The Dead, we examine the entire canon, including the remakes. Plus, the guys from Brooklyn tackle the eternal question of ‘Canada–what gives?’ (Just a heads up: There is a drop in audio levels at around the twenty minute mark. We’re sorry about that, and are working to assure a higher quality presentation in the future.)

Better In The Dark – Episode #5: We Walked With A (George Romero) Zombie

ToC: The War of the Worlds (1953), directed by Byron Haskin


By Jacob Slater

Or, The Martians Crave Our Delicious Hamburger Sandwiches

I’ve already talked in spades about the influential figures in my life when it comes to comic books, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore etc., but let’s spend a paragraph or two talking about some non-graphic novelists who I enjoyed in my youth. Way back in the day, when the Syfy Channel was still Sci-Fi and internet pornography was an as-yet inexact science, I was an avid reader of books (physical copies of ebooks printed onto sheets of paper, for you younger readers out there), and when it wasn’t Harry Potter or Animorphs, it was classical literature. Dumas, Cervantes, Verne, Doyle, from the Elizabethan to the Victorian I took my fill of the best that the written word had to offer. I couldn’t say for sure what it was that inspired such a consuming interest, whether it was the act of a (so-called) intelligent child searching for reading material beyond the level of his peers or a fascination with the ill-fated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film and the far, far better comic original, but if it was old it was interesting to me. Which helps to explain my choice in movies as well.

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Better In The Dark – Episode #4: Welcome To Our May, June and July 2007 Preview–Now With More Digressions!!!

Once more with more enthusiasm than factual information–and with our ability to be foul mouthed restored–Tom and Derrick look at some genre movies that will be released through the middle of summer…. At least that’s what we’re supposed to do. In fact, we go off on a fistful of tangents. Join us as we give our feelings on the Don Imus situation, blast one film for its excessive violence before drooling over another due to its abundance of sexy young women, talk about how our DVD buying habits change, explain why Tom doesn’t want to see Pirates, tell stories about celebrities with funny voices, hear Derrick say ‘Yo, Dog,’ and go off on rants sure to piss off fans of Transformers. Plus Tom does imitations of Gilbert Gottfried and Keith Richards. Yeah, we know…but listen to it anyway…!

Better In The Dark – Episode #4: Welcome To Our May, June and July 2007 Preview–Now With More Digressions!!!

Thunderlists: 5 DC Comics That Would Make Pretty Good TV Shows


By Jacob Slater

If someone asked me what my favorite comic book company was, and for some reason I wasn’t allowed to mention Image or Dark Horse, I’d have to go with DC. I don’t particularly hate Marvel, I’ve read a decent amount of comics from them in my day, I’ve just always found myself more interested in the DC line. Perhaps it was that DC Comics seemed to trend more towards the fantastical and the abstract, rather than the more ‘realistic’ tone that Marvel claims to be going for, and I’ve always preferred that direction when it came to superhero comics. Although nowadays DC is trying to get on the ‘gritty, realistic’ kick with their nu52 universe, which would explain why I don’t really read modern comics at all. Apart from Image, which has gotten better since the wild & wonderful 1990’s.

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