Hyphen Nation – Episode #8: I Feel Petty


In this episode, everybody gets it! And by that I mean that I talk about how I hold grudges (I was taught by the best) and how it feels when Seinfeld loses his Newman (it feels pretty great). I also spend some time talking about being just one of the girls (people like talking to me. It’s a gift and a curse) and how I became enshrined in the Mario Kart Wii Hall of Fame (it’s a real thing. You can totally look it up. You’ll see a picture of my victims sad faces next to my name). I wrap things up by talking about how Steph Curry is having his moment and how I no longer lust after Little Caesar’s bacon wrapped pizza.

I may also be muttering under my breath at times. It was a rough week.

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Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #19


It’s the first regular episode since Show #12. This show is so good it didn’t need a fancy tagline. I wish I could grow a beard like Gambino. Time for a new show intro for Show #20.

  1. Busta Rhymes – As I Come Back
  2. Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (New Jack Jazz Mix)
  3. Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me
  4. Slum Village – Selfish
  5. Ja Rule – It’s Murda
  6. R. Kelly – Suicide
  7. Ja Rule – Suicide Freestyle
  8. Madonna – Human Nature
  9. Eminem – Say Goodbye Hollywood
  10. Limp Bizkit – N 2Gether Now
  11. Wiz Khalifa – We’re Done
  12. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean
  13. Will Smith – Will 2K
  14. Seal – Crazy
  15. The Roots – The Next Movement
  16. Childish Gambino – Break
  17. Lady Gaga – You And I
  18. Kid Cudi – Sky Might Fall
  19. Megan Rochell – The One You Need
  20. Wiz Khalifa – King Of Everything
  21. Toni Braxton – Just Another Sad Love Song
  22. Fabolous – Been Around The World Remix Freestyle
  23. Blues Traveler – Run-Around
  24. Blues Traveler – Hook
  25. Method Man – The Purple Tape
  26. Marcus Taylor – City Of Broken Dreams
  27. Marcus Taylor – Shit Just Got Real

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Talking Out The Dead: “The Next World”


Kelen Conley: Holy cow.

I haven’t been this excited about a development on a TV show since… ever. There have been revelations that made my jaw drop. Watching Breaking Bad’s “Oxymandias” is still one episode that ranks at the top of my all-time viewing experiences. There have been moments on TWD that have definitely left me speechless; “The Next World” did the opposite. I didn’t stop talking during the whole scene.

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Slater’s Signature Finisher: ECW On TNN: a WWE Network Review


One of the greatest things that has happened to wrestling fans over the last couple years has been the creation of the WWE Network. An over-the-top streaming service, the WWE Network is basically a wrestling Netflix. The awesome thing about this network is that WWE has essentially consolidated 90 percent of all the wrestling in the past and present in America.

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Hyphen Nation – Episode #7: Welcome To The Disney Movie Review Podcast


You take one day off and life gets in the way. So what do you do? You wait until the next opportunity presents itself and you keep the podcast train on the tracks! Enclosed within these audio walls, I question whether I’m a bad husband, I talk about Aladdin and the Little Mermaid and my differing opinions on both (Welcome to the Disney movie review podcast!), this episode’s cover girl Ronda Rousey’s confession to considering suicide after she lost to Holly Holm, and getting better at writing (faster) through repetition.

This episode was recorded at not just one but two Morgantown Krogers before and after a dentist appointment. Your man of the people has come back.

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Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #18: Earth, Wind & Fire


Another legend gone. The music lives on. Rest in peace Maurice White. Clap your hands this evening, ’cause it’s alright.

  1. Reasons (Live)
  2. Shining Star
  3. Boogie Wonderland
  4. Got To Get You Into My Life
  5. After The Love Is Gone
  6. Fantasy
  7. Keep Your Head To The Sky
  8. Devotion (Live)
  9. Can’t Hide Love
  10. That’s The Way Of The World
  11. On Your Face
  12. Faces
  13. September
  14. Let Me Talk
  15. Let’s Groove
  16. Magic Mind
  17. Mom
  18. Getaway
  19. Sing A Song
  20. Earth, Wind & Fire
  21. Wanna Be With You
  22. Caribou
  23. See The Light
  24. Runnin’
  25. Sun Goddess

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Talking Out The Dead: “No Way Out”


Kelen Conley: Well that escalated quickly.

I hate to start things out on that note but they really did. This episode and the first 3 episodes of Season 6 have all been contenders for greatest single episode of The Walking Dead ever. This one stands out for the amount of false finishes (look, wrestling jargon!) it had but there wasn’t a second that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I covered my eyes a few times because I knew what was coming and I knew it was going to be bad. And I definitely ran around my living room fist pumping when cool shit was happening. This is another one of those tent pole episodes you can show to a non-fan when they ask why you watch TWD.

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ToC: No No: A Dockumentary (2014), directed by Jeffrey Radice


Or, The Art of Intimidation

If I have to be honest, and honesty does seem to be the preferred policy in most circles, I must admit that I’m not really a fan of sports. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it; I’ve enjoyed several games of basketball and soccer in my day, and I’ve always tried to catch the Olympics when they roll around, but I’ve never really made the emotional connection to football, baseball, etc. that seems to drive so many people in the world. The NFL and MLB have become multi-billion dollar industries because of the world’s love of sports, talent scouts lurk around middle schools in the hope of discovering the next big quarterback, and athletes are elevated to such an iconic status that they seem almost untouchable (the recent news about Peyton Manning’s smear campaign against someone he sexually assaulted a decade ago seems especially relevant). It’s just baffling to me I guess, someone who has a casual interest in sports, as much as a sports fan would find my obsession with film and comics.

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Talking Out The Dead: “Start To Finish”


Kelen Conley: This episode had a ton of things happen. While I hate that it ends on a cliffhanger, many storylines that have been plodding for the last 4 episodes get moving along in a hurry. While I’m definitely not ready to forgive the show for the atrocities it’s committed after a brilliant start, it’s a definite step into the right direction as we head into the latter part of Season 6. It also seems like a lot of the things we’ve been complaining about lately are going to get handled and a new threat is finally being introduced. A much needed change after the Wolves seemed to fizzle out, just like the Terminites in Season 5.

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Hyphen Nation – Episode #6: The Case of the Stale Fudge Rounds & Cherry Pop-Tarts


So with the professional footballs officially put away for another season, it’s time for Hyphen Nation to blossom into its final and best form! Or something like that. Contained within these audio walls, I discuss why the day after the Super Bowl should be some kind of national holiday, I compare my experiences with the OJ Simpson trial as a child with what I know today, the story of gas station snacks that spawned this episode’s title, my eternal struggle with never being able to catch up on all the podcasts I like, and I end things with a small tribute to the retiring Daniel Bryan.

It’s still snowing in Morgantown so if you live in a warm climate, I hate you. But I’d still like you to check out this episode. And pass it along like a note in class. I don’t really care if the teacher sees it.

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