Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #16: The Instrumentals vol. 1


The beauty behind the madness indeed. Nothing but instrumentals. Check your vocals at the door. Happy 2016.

  1. Just Blaze – Inhuman Nature
  2. Yogi – Burial
  3. Nas – Purple
  4. Wale – Pretty Girls
  5. J. Cole – Fire Squad
  6. Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got
  7. Jay-Z – Dynasty Intro
  8. Kanye West – Flashing Lights
  9. De La Soul – Me Myself And I
  10. Drake – Pound Cake
  11. Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty
  12. Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie
  13. Katy Perry – Dark Horse
  14. Limp Bizkit – N 2Gether Now
  15. Drake – Trophies
  16. Reflection Eternal – The Blast
  17. The Weeknd – The Hills
  18. Jay-Z – Money, Cash, Hoes
  19. Drake – Draft Day
  20. T.I. – What You Know
  21. Wiz Khalifa – Never Been
  22. Droid Daughter – Soccer Dad
  23. Digi G’Alessio – The Race Qualifications (1st Lap Instrumental)
  24. J. Cole – Crooked Smile
  25. Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E.

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Talking Out The Dead: “Here’s Not Here”


Thomas Crawford: The tale of Morgan. We see how Morgan went from being a caring father hiding in a house and helping Rick, to an off his rocker thief who ambushed Rick, Carl, and Michonne in Season 3’s “Clear”. Then he was shown to be a quiet wanderer trailing after Rick, and finally to a man of peace who can take out anyone with a simple staff. It was actually good to finally get to the question a lot of people have been asking. Where has he been, and where did he learn to use that staff? One you might have, “Why isn’t he killing any Wolves?”

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Hyphen Nation – Episode #1: Predicting the 2015 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round


This is not a test. This is the actual real live Episode #1 of Hyphen Nation. There may have been an episode called the 25 Biggie Commandments floating around in March but ignore that (it’s Victory Jumpoff Radio #14 if you must know). This is the real deal. No clones. Not a dream. Not a hoax.

The 2015 NFL Playoffs are upon us, the Wild Card round to be exact. I take a shot at predicting all 4 Wild Card games… and maybe even predict a sleeper Super Bowl winner. It’s all live from the car on a 45 minute lunch break. That’s how dedicated I am to the people. Gave up my lunch break… to give you the first episode of Hyphen Nation. Don’t let it be for nothing.

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Book Review: The Dark Knight Returns


Mainstream audiences know the name Frank Miller from the movie world. He co-directed the “Sin City” films and produced “300.” Before “Sin City” was a movie franchise, it was a graphic novel. That’s where Frank Miller got his start; in the comic book industry. One of his best known works is the 1986 classic 4-comic series “The Dark Knight Returns.”

One of the cliche terms I can throw out to describe this graphic novel is “gritty.” Visually, emotionally, metaphorically, this has a gritty feel to it. A “film noir” essence. “The Dark Knight” is set in the future. Batman is in his 50’s and has stopped fighting crime. Commissioner Jim Gordon is approaching 70 and being forced into retirement.

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Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #15: Goodbye Summer


Summer’s gone. The music is forever. Back like The Phoenix.

  1. Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose (Pomo Remix)
  2. Bobby Brown – On Our Own
  3. Drake – Hotline Bling
  4. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
  5. Pharrell & The Yessirs – That Girl
  6. New Edition – Crucial
  7. Bell Biv Devoe – Dope
  8. Alessia Cara – Here
  9. Drake – The Resistance
  10. Jay-Z – Dear Summer
  11. Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)
  12. Jennifer Lopez – Waiting For Tonight
  13. Wale – 88
  14. Rick Ross – Super High (Sativa Remix)
  15. Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious
  16. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Ain’t No Fun
  17. Kid N Play – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody
  18. Dr. Dre – Deeez Nuuuts
  19. Dr. Dre – Animals
  20. Tori Kelly – Should’ve Been Us (Live @ the 2015 VMAs)
  21. Childish Gambino – Sober
  22. Lionel Richie – All Night Long
  23. Paramore – Ain’t It Fun
  24. Puff Daddy – Been Around The World (Remix)
  25. Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeyes)

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Daily Fantasy Sports: Week 13 Lineup Review


Week 13 provided a lot more entertainment from a fantasy sports perspective than in quite a few weeks. In my season long league, I was trying to backdoor into the final playoff spot, to no avail. And in DFS, I tiptoed around spectacular plays on different lineups, but couldn’t create the right combination of players to have a great lineup. Here’s a breakdown of all my lineups from week 13.

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