Better In The Dark – Episode #6: Marvel At The Movies With The Fantastic Four

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We’re back with our bonus episode for June, as the guys straight outta Brooklyn take a look at the First Family of Super-Heroics, The Fantastic Four! Join Tom and Derrick as they look at the cartoons, the films (including the legendary Roger Corman-produced fiasco from the 90’s), the obscure radio show and, of course, the present big budget film series. Plus, learn the real reason why The Human Torch was replaced by Herb-E in the 78 cartoon!

Better In The Dark – Episode #6: Marvel At The Movies With The Fantastic Four

Toc Double Feature: Full Moon Features

By Jacob Slater

Or, Something to do with Tides and Werewolves

I’d say that a significant amount of time has passed since my last Double Feature article, so how about a new one?

At several points during my musings on film I’ve brought up the idea of the auteur director, the concept of a director as the supreme creative force over a film. While this is true to an extent, and certainly it was auteurs like Spielberg, Lucas, and Coppola that defined American cinema in the 70s, the idea that directors are always the most important voice in the room. Studio execs, producers, the guys with the money basically, have always had a say in what goes on when it comes to films (and everything else, really), for better or for worse.

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Slater’s Signature Finisher: Zayn vs Owens Makes Me Happy

By Chris Slater

A couple years ago, one of the things I wrote about that made me happy was the WWE feud between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. The two of them had grown up before our eyes in the smaller Ring of Honor wrestling promotion before defying the odds, it seems, and making it to WWE.
For years, there was a prototypical look for a wrestling superstar. Tall, jacked, tanned, etc. Hulk Hogan. The Rock. Triple H. Brock Lesnar. Randy Orton. Batista. Roman Reigns. Our friend CM Punk is maybe 6’1 and a little over 200 pounds. Daniel Bryan is listed by WWE as 5’10 and 189 pounds.

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