Moves Like Curtis – 2013 Week 1

Thursday Games Ravens Vs. Broncos And so the traditional Super Bowl Champions Hosted Kick Off Game features Baltimore hosting…

Moves Like Curtis: Divisional Weekend 2013!

We’re now into what many people consider the most exciting week of the football season, and I can see why.  … More

Moves Like Curtis: Wild Card Weekend 2013!

Well, here we are–playoff time!

Moves Like Curtis: Epilepsy Can Ruin Division Titles (Week 17)

And with this, Rivalry Weekend, the 2012 campaign is over for almost everyone.

Moves Like Curtis: You Mad, Bro? (Week 16)

You’ll notice there’s no Monday Night Game.  That’s because some years ago some church-type people got all bent out of … More

Moves Like Curtis: Junk Games and Playoff Positioning (Week 15)

No preamble this week…I’m filing this under the wire.  Let’s get to it, then!