The Promos By Hyphen 2015 WWE Year End Awards


This is the final Promos By Hyphen column. When I first started, this wasn’t called Promos By Hyphen and it was only because Mike Asti needed a new wrestling writer for BDL Sports that I even started writing about the WWE on a (semi) monthly basis.

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Promos By Hyphen: The WWE Network, The Present & The Future


When Stardust and Goldust became heels a few weeks ago, my opinions on hating that Cody Rhodes had become Stardust did a 180 and I was onboard immediately. I made a mental note to dedicate my next column to THE BALLAD OF CODY RHODES.

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Promos By Hyphen: How The Brock Lesnar Plan Worked


I spend a lot of time in these columns groveling at the Creative team’s feet when something I’ve hated for months (years?) makes me a do a 180. But yet again, they’ve managed to do it.

They’ve made me care about Brock Lesnar.

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The Promos By Hyphen 2014 WWE Year End Awards


Last year, I introduced the concept of the WWE season, running from the Raw after WrestleMania until the curtain closes on the next year’s WrestleMania. These awards reflect upon the events that took place during the 2013-14 WWE season.

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Promos By Hyphen: Is This The End? (Fallout)


I decided after Money In The Bank that it was time that I stopped supporting the current WWE product. Last Monday, I was in a state of, not anger, but definitely apathy. I deleted the WWE App from my phone. I made sure my WWE Network subscription wouldn’t auto-renew come September. I started unfollowing WWE-ran accounts on my Twitter and unliked some pages on Facebook. I even unfollowed a wrestling site that I’ve relied on for news since 2008.

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Promos By Hyphen: Is This The End?


Sorry I haven’t written. I started my annual WWE Year End Awards column but it’s sat unfinished for a month or so. I hope to have it done before next month’s Battleground PPV. But what I’m really here for is to not complain about a man I once praised, but the product in general.

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Promos By Hyphen: The CM Punk Series Finale


I just finished binge watching 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. After 9 seasons, the show signed off the air with a finale that most of its viewers hated (more on this soon). In January, CM Punk left the WWE with no notice and again, most of the fans hated this. WWE lost one of it’s most popular wrestlers and had to rearrange storylines on the fly to make the Road to WrestleMania XXX work. Other than my appearance on The HBS, I’ve been silent publicly on this matter.

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Promos By Hyphen: Deconstructing Randy Orton

As of February 20, 2014, Randy Orton has been your WWE Champion/WWE World Heavyweight Champion for 116 days. 144 days if you include the 28 days he was Champion before Daniel Bryan’s one day reign in September. Technically, he’s the longest reigning Champion since CM Punk’s (*sigh*) 434 days ended in January 2013. This Sunday, he will go into the Elimination Chamber at the PPV of the same name to face Christian, Cesaro, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship (WWE WH). More than likely, this Monday will see Orton still holding both Belts proudly on Raw…but then something will happen to upset Randy and he’ll spend the rest of night whining and complaining to Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Brad Maddox/Kane about how it’s not fair and that as the face of the WWE he doesn’t deserve the cruel punishment being brought upon him. Continue reading

Promos By Hyphen: John Cena: Best For Business

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