Oakland Raiders Diary #7 & #8 & #9 – The Conference Win, The Rookie Beatdown, & The Blowout

Raiders v. Chiefs

Raiders 26 Chiefs 16. Continue reading

Oakland Raiders Diary #6: Chad Henne, Undercover Raiders Player


RETRACTION: Before we get into this, I want to apologize for an error I made in last week’s Diary. Since I’ve been writing these, I’ve been sending them to my dad since he comes up a lot in them. Not long after Diaries #4 & #5 went up, he texted me: Continue reading

Oakland Raiders Diary #4 & #5: Why I Was Upset When The Broncos Signed Peyton & Carson Palmer: League’s Worst Tackler


I took two weeks off after the Bronco game. Seeing the Raiders play so poorly after the upset of the Steelers was disheartening. You can imagine how elated I was this past Sunday when I got to see my second full Raiders game at a local sports bar and they were on the verge of winning, but more on that heartbreak later. Continue reading

Oakland Raiders Diary #3: “I Got This.”


Well, well, well. Look who got their first win of the season over the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s right, my Oakland Raiders. Welcome to entry three of my Oakland Raiders Diary. Continue reading

Oakland Raiders Diary #2: Damn You Franco Harris!


I think all running backs in the National Football League are out to get us. Continue reading