Moves Like Curtis: 2013 Week 4

Bills Jets Football
Thursday Games

49ers (1-2, Lost vs. Colts) vs. Rams ( 1-2, Lost vs. Cowboys)

So it seems that San Francisco has hit a crisis of confidence. After being pounded into sand by Seattle, the team doesn’t seem to be able to keep it together–which is weird, because this is a frighteningly good team on paper.  The addition of Anquan Boldin to a core that includes such stars as Frank Gore and Vernon Davis should make Colin Kaepernick look like a superstar, but they’ve dropped two in a row and threaten to join The Aluminums and The Runts in the no-nickname club if this trend continues.

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Moves Like Curtis: 2013 Week 3

Thursday Games

Eagles (1-1, Lost vs. Chargers) Vs. Chiefs(2-0, Won vs. Cowboys)

I know in my guts that I should go with Chip Kelly and his Nu-Look Eagles.  They’re a unit that’s been together longer, it’s got a offense-intensive, super-fast game plan that no one’s really seen before, and it’s got some excellent weapons.  But…

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Moves Like Curtis: 2013 Week 2 *

Thursday Games

Paper Planes (1-0, won vs. Buccs) Vs. The Sucking Black Hole of Evil (1-0, barely won vs. Bills)

Okay, my fellow Planes fans, calm down.  Yes, Geno Smith didn’t embarrass himself and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers apparently didn’t want to win this game at all.  But the key of this is that The Buccs lost rather than the Planes won. New York is still a dreadful team with no effective offensive weapons; thankfully, the running back committee of Powell and Ivory might actually serve to stretch the field, which does nothing if the Planes don’t have any wideouts worth a damn.

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Moves Like Curtis – 2013 Week 1

Thursday Games

Ravens Vs. Broncos

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Moves Like Curtis: Championship Weekend 2013!

And now we’re in the overture for the Greatest Game of The Year, when the last four survivors of this season slug it out for the right to represent their conference in The Super Bowl.  And we’ve got four teams with varying degrees of experience in the playoffs, and four teams with varying degree of competency–hell, we have one team that has gotten here pretty much by the dint of being the only competent team in a division full of chuckleheads.  And since this is going to be a short column, I’ll finish up with my speculations on which of the match-ups Goodell wants to see. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Divisional Weekend 2013!

Seahawks Redskins Football.JPEG-03f4d

We’re now into what many people consider the most exciting week of the football season, and I can see why.  You’ve still get four games over two days like last week, and the teams that are participating in them are true contenders.  There are still the stray lucky teams that squirt through (I’m looking at you, Football Jebus Led Broncos of 2012), but mostly we’re dealing with squads that have their playoff game faces on and know what they’re doing. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: Wild Card Weekend 2013!


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Moves Like Curtis: Epilepsy Can Ruin Division Titles (Week 17)


And with this, Rivalry Weekend, the 2012 campaign is over for almost everyone. Continue reading

Moves Like Curtis: You Mad, Bro? (Week 16)


You’ll notice there’s no Monday Night Game.  That’s because some years ago some church-type people got all bent out of shape because the NFL dared put football games on Christmas Eve…so we’re getting Monday off. Continue reading