Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: The Man Who Has Too Many Ideas


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I wish you could put 100% effort into 1 thing…instead of 1000 different projects, you would be efficient & awesome at it. – @OfficiallyCHRIS Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: The Timelines Of Misfits

Misfits Yr 3 Group

I started watching the show Misfits after my friend Matt urged me for months on end to watch it and then he promptly stopped after I did. Misfits is a British television show in the vein of Heroes except with a smaller cast and more freedom to do what they want outside of America’s FCC guidelines. In honor of the fourth season premiering a few weeks ago, I wanted to share an article I originally posted on my blog last December. All the seasons are available on Hulu, including the new season’s episodes every Monday. The rest of this article…promises to get very confusing, very quickly. Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: Boyz II Men and Life After Evolution


Among the many, many things there are in the world that bring joy to my nerdy self, Boyz II Men’s II is one of them. My earliest memories of the album was the hit song “I’ll Make Love To You” and the impact it had on radio in 1994. And as a fan of their previous hits, I was anxious to hear the whole disc. And my dad (who I credit a large chunk of my slow jam appreciation to) had bought it and told me to take a listen whenever I got a chance. I couldn’t get the CD out of the case though.

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Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: Jerry “The King” Lawler & What Wrestling Means To Me


I write this with the hopes that this doesn’t become a tribute article. Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: Why We’re Here


So I never really explained why TricycleOffense.com is here. Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: The Dark Knight Rises Shooting


I went to bed last night complaining on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t get to see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters. Having just started a new job, it looks like my comic fandom is going to take a back seat to the real life reality of paying bills. That being said, I was okay with not attending the midnight premiere of DKR. Having attended the Spider-Man 3 premiere in 2007, I realized midnight showings just weren’t for me. I’d rather hit up a matinee the week after the big screening. Less people and a better opportunity for me to focus on the movie. Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: Maury Gets Results


I’m old. While only 29, I still have seen some things in my day. I remember when The Maury Povich Show was on. And this wasn’t theMaury we all love (and loathe) today. This is when Maury, along with the Sally Jessy Raphaels, Phil Donahues, Ricki Lakes, and Geraldo Riveras of the world where constantly chasing Oprah Winfrey’s mega-blockbuster of a show. Continue reading

Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: On Bill Stewart


On May 21, former West Virginia Mountaineers coach Bill Stewart passed away from a sudden heart attack. He had been playing a round of golf with WVU’s former athletic director when he collapsed. Continue reading