Hyphenated Review #1: The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW


So because I watch/read/listen to so much stuff but still want to give my opinions on things without typing up a 1000 word post, I’ve created a video version of a Hyphenated Review. I rattle off some thoughts for about 10 minutes or less, slap an image from what I’m talking about with the audio, create and upload to my YouTube channel. (Almost) instant Hyphenated Review.

I’ve been watching The Monday Night War series on the WWE Network and it does deliver what the title states: stories of the Money Night War. But since there’s three sides to every story, we get a certain view on the War with every episode. Still a fun watch for any wrestling fan.

Hyphenated Review: Breaking Bad – “Fifty-One”

Breaking BadEpisode 504

Summary: Walt and Walt Jr. get the old Aztec back from the shop. After spotting his Heisenberg hat in the back seat, Walt sells the Aztec impulsively and buys a Chrysler 300. Continue reading

Hyphenated Review: Breaking Bad – “Hazard Pay”


Summary: Mike visits the remaining members of his team to reassure them they”ll be reimbursed after the DEA took their Fring hazard pay. Walt moves back into the house much to Skyler’s dismay but keeps the condo for now. Mike, Walt, Jesse, and Saul visit locations for a new superlab and then decided to cook in houses that are meant for fumigation. They work with a crew/business named Vamanos Pest Control to accomplish this. Skinny Pete and Badger make an appearance but Jesse ignores their attempts to join the new business. Andrea and Brock drop in on Jesse and Walt’s final preparations and then Brock and Walt share an awkward silence. As Walt and Jesse cook their first new batch, Skyler breaks down in front of Marie. After Walt leaves Jesse with doubts about his relationship with Andrea, he is confronted by Marie at home. He tells her about Skyler’s affair and chalks her break down up to guilt and grief from Ted’s accident. Mike, Jesse, and Walt break down their profits from the first cook and Walt is unhappy with his take after Mike’s “taxes” (for hazard pay, Vamanos’ crew and distribution). Mike leaves and Jesse tells Walt that he broke up with Andrea. Walt ignores him and leaves him with a thought about the late Victor: Continue reading

Hyphenated Review: Breaking Bad – “Madrigal”

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 1.37.12 AM

When we last left our anti-heroes, they had just managed to wipe a hard drive containing video (and possibly other evidence) that had Walt, Jesse, and Mike all on the scene of the now destroyed superlab. Their methods of wiping the hard drive also destroyed a police evidence room and revealed a Cayman Island’s account in the name of one Gustavo Fring. Continue reading

Hyphenated Review: Breaking Bad – “Live Free Or Die”


I’m a sucker. Continue reading

Hyphenated Review: Kendrick Lamar – “The Recipe” (Feat. Dr. Dre)


In today’s age where a new song hits the internet every few seconds, it’s hard for someone like me to pick favorites. When new music broke when I was younger, I had to catch everything through videos on MTV and BET. Other than that, I could only read about new music in The Source and it was even harder to track this music down before it was released to retail. The Napster age made things a little easier but it wasn’t until 2004 when virtually any song was available if you knew what you were doing. Continue reading