Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Why Don’t I Have Any Friends? Part 1

I have actually had people ask me why they don’t have that many friends. How do you answer that? Do you tell them that they talk too much? Can I point out that they are abrasive and annoying at times? I’m not a mean person at all…okay, at times I can be, but when it’s a serious question I find myself curious how to answer it. Continue reading

Encylopedia Crawford Knows All: The Vegan Theory

Alright, it isn’t nice. I know. The fact is that anyone that knows me will say I’m opinionated on many subjects. The fact is, I do tend to make jokes and pick on people, such as those that call themselves vegans. To those that are living under a rock, vegans are people that eat absolutely no meat, no eggs, no milk, no butter or cheese. These individuals do it for a variety of reasons. They do it for health and spiritual reasons. They also do it because they are disgusted with how modern animals are treated in pens and slaughterhouses. Continue reading

Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Don’t Worry, It’s Good For You!

This is not a pro smoking schtick. Actually, I don’t smoke, never really liked it. The fact is that as our nation grows, it seems more and more laws are put in place to, “save ourselves” from…well, ourselves. The fact is, I just like how they always seem to find one culprit, one, “bad guy,” and force everyone to believe it. The fact is, I know smoking is bad. People have known that well over a century now. There is a reason that in the 1920s and earlier, cigarettes were called cancer sticks. Continue reading

Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: We’ve Got Talent!

Okay, maybe not everyone. Anyone who owns a television is very familiar with the past decade or so of “talent shows”. I call them that and everyone knows what I’m talking about. There are shows like The X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, and numerous others. The fact is that every year, millions of people put their hopes and dreams out there for all to see. They all hope to win the prize or at least get noticed and become famous. Continue reading

Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Some Random Questions About Star Wars


There has probably been an article like this many times for the past several decades. The fact is that some of these questions have been answered by experts in the subject. There are actually experts in the area of Star Wars that far surpass anything that the average watcher could even imagine. These questions are posed as a casual observer who enjoys the movie, yet does not go too in depth. However, these are questions that should be debated even by the casual observers. Continue reading