Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: 30 Years Doesn’t Serve the Victims Justice!


“Jerry Sandusky is a GREAT man,” said absolutely no one following his sentencing Tuesday. For those that don’t remember, Sandusky is the Penn State assistant coach who was charged with 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Yes, that does bear repeating, Jerry Sandusky was charged with forty-five counts of child sexual abuse. Mr. Sandusky spent his glorious day of reckoning, where he learned he was sentenced to “no less than 30 years and more than 60 years” behind bars; pleading innocence, according to multiple articles. Continue reading

Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: Best of the Worst: Ranking the NFL Teams That Never Won A Super Bowl


I’ve been lollygagging around trying to come up with some sort of decent article idea to write about. I’ve finally come up with an article (although “decent” can be debated) thanks in part to me going to Sears to get my car inspected (3 months after the inspection went dead I might add. Like I said, I’ve been slacking!). Continue reading

Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: My 5 Favorite Movie/TV Quotes

Main character's of "The Sandlot"
Last night, while I was laying in my bed watching SportsCenter, Stuart Scott made a line reference from the HBO Series The Wire. It went something like “You come at the king, you best not miss!” He was also making reference to LeBron “King” James making a highlight play, which made me cringe because I’m a biased, bitter Cleveland Browns fan (as I will proudly state time and time again). Continue reading

Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: 2012 NFL Draft: My Almost Traumatic Relapse

As a devout Cleveland Browns fan growing up, I quickly learned I will always have one thing to look forward to every year. That is, and always will be, the third weekend of April when the NFL Draft occurs. You could only imagine my joy when 8 o’clock rolled around on Thursday night, April 26th, with my cell phone glued to my hand as I was stuck at work playing the role of an “exuberant” shoe salesman. Continue reading