The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Champions & Chumps (Guest: Rich Miller)

The playoffs are the season for breakout performers, eternal moments, and dreams turned into reality. Conversely, the playoffs are also the season for disappointment, eternal shame, and nightmares fueled by choke jobs to last a lifetime. A Buzz-Saw tends to appreciate the latter.

Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo dive right into the NHL and NBA playoffs, with a focus, on not only the teams still vying for a championship, but also the teams that are left with that bitter taste all offseason.

Your favorite sports genius’ are not alone on this installment, as they welcome Rich Miller of ESPN 970 Pittsburgh to the HBS ring. Rich coves the Penguins year round. And will give his insight on the Pittsburgh squad, dealing with soap opera like drama and pressure during their quest to sip from hockey’s holy grail.

Are the Red Wings capable of knocking off the Blackhawks, in another battle of historic rivals? How will New York vs. Boston look on the ice? And have the Los Angeles Kings switched into that 2012 playoff unbeatable swag?

As for those setting tee times on the golf course, the Toronto Maple Leafs are STILL one of sports darling cursed franchises (much to Mike’s enjoyment), and Alexander Ovechkin wins the honor of asinine buffoon of the week.

Over on the NBA side of things, did the Grizzlies truly earn their first ever conference finals trip or was it aided by a depleted Thunder effort? Realistically, is there any possible way Miami doesn’t repeat as champions? Can anyone but Carmelo score on the Knicks?

Tiger Tiger Woods ya’ll. Tiger is the 2013 Players champion. What does this mean in his pursuit of majors? Sergio Garcia whined to make the TW celebration that much better too.

They never choke. They NEVER disappoint. The Howitzer and Buzz-saw always conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Champions & Chumps (Guest: Rich Miller)

Trike Adventures – #05: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (Guest: Chris “CFX” Flynn)

The Trike rides again as Thomas, Anthony, and I are joined by Chris “CFX” Flynn for more conversation about nothing. Within this show: “Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J is discussed, Thomas takes issue with how young girls dress these days, Anthony doesn’t like that Tom Cruise gets top billing even though he’s getting paid top billing money, they take the Biebs to task for his Anne Frank comments, I wonder if humping on the dance floor is the cool thing to do now, the Padres/Dodgers brawl is touched upon, Anthony shares tales of his trip to New Jersey for WrestleMania NY/NJ, my impending nuptials are announced, Thomas wants to join the PGA Tour and be average, and run-ins with the law are mentioned here and there. Anthony comes out of his shell and you don’t want to miss that, so press play…please and thank you.

Trike Adventures – #05: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (Guest: Chris “CFX” Flynn)

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – The Galvanizing Effect

At a time that has truly showed the connection between sports and humanity, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo do what they do best, provide an entertaining distraction. Who better than the ultimate “heel” (Mike) and “baby face” (George) sports media foils to give perspective, debate, and most importantly, laughter, during a time we need it the most.

In typical asinine soap opera fashion, Kobe Bryant’s efforts to carry the Lakers to the playoffs was put to rest, following a serious injury. With Kobe out, can the rest of the Lakers still crawl together? Who is to blame for this doomsday situation in LA? And what will his absence mean for the future of one of sports darling franchises?

Not only did Tiger Woods not earn another green jacket and major championship, but he was surrounded by controversy all throughout golf’s grandest weekend. Was Tiger’s “drop” at The Masters handled properly? How will Tiger fare in upcoming majors?

As we continue with the Buzz-Saw’s favorite rant topics, the NHL announced a slate of outdoor games for the 2013-2014 season. One was apparently not nearly enough. Is an abundance of outdoor games ruining a once unique event? In addition to next seasons news, this season is ending, as teams attempt to secure playoff positioning.

Baseball closes another jam packed HBS. FYI, to all panic buttons being pressed and parades being scheduled: STOP!

Can George calm Mike down in the midst of a gauntlet of asininity? He tries. But it’s really an impossible task.

Even in our darkest hours, the American people are conquerors. And the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw assist, by conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – The Galvanizing Effect

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Cleaning Out The Closet

Spring is in the air. And the sports world is in the midst of some spring cleaning of its own. College basketball’s madness has now been thrown in the closet, ushering golf and baseball to the main dresser drawer. Bored? Think again.

This weeks Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer’ Gerbo discuss the National Championship Game between Louisville and Michigan, the significance of Rick Pitino’s second National Title to his legacy, the future of the Michigan program, and even how the the Fab Five should be handled with the sanctions officially lifted. There was another college basketball championship game – the women played one too, as Connecticut and head coach Geno Auriemma captured their 8th crown. Where does the accomplishment put Auriemma in comparison to overall great college coaches like Pat Summit and among the men elites like John Wooden, Coach K, and Adolph Rupp etc?

One of the most beautiful parts of Spring: THEEEE MASTERS! Golf’s biggest stage is here and so is the aged old question: Tiger or the field? How much much does Tiger Woods need this major, in his quest to break Jack Nicklaus’ record? Mike will try to remain calm this time (we said try…).

With the New York Knicks streaking and the Pittsburgh Penguins slumping, these two prominent franchises are the focus. How good are the Knicks? Should the Pens panic, dealing with another Crosby injury?

A recap of the first week of the 2013 Major League Baseball will conclude this edition of the HBS. The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw throw on their green jackets, while conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Cleaning Out The Closet

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Nonsensical Reality

In a sports world that is always humorous and rarely makes any sense, some of the news of the past week actually provided some shock, asinine shock, but shock none the less. Who better to discuss asinine sports news than Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo?

Look no further than the madness…in a tournament always dominated by madness, the 2013 NCAA Tournament has become perhaps the most maddening in history. Some 12 over 5′s – sure. A 14 over a 3 – alright. A 15 over a 2 – damn. Almost a couple 16′s over 1′s – wow. And that was just the first weekend. There’s still some usual suspects around, but they’re joined by La Salle, Wichita State, and FLORIDA GULF COAST?! A program not even in existence a decade ago is in the Sweet 16! March Madness is alive and well.

While the on-court action is exciting, the off-court college basketball stories are equally as entertaining. Eliminated UCLA and Minnesota (ironically the team that ousted the Bruins) fired their prominent stellar head coaches. Which one of these moves was more nonsensical and ridiculous? Where do these programs go from here?

Tiger Tiger Woods, ya’ll! The man, the myth, the legend has finally reclaim his throne at top of the golf mountain. Does Tiger Woods spot as golf’s number one player in the world mean he’s back? Mike angrily explains how this entire notion is unreasonable at this point in Tiger’s career.

A hockey team is in the midst of a historic streak AGAIN and the NHL trade season has officially begun. The Pittsburgh Penguins and the rumor mill conclude with a hockey legend another gold star show.

Nonsensical reality may be abundant, but the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw conquer regardless, by conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Nonsensical Reality