Better In The Dark – Episode #16: Marvel at The Movies With Blade


It’s time to kick the Better In The Dark Halloween festivities off in earnest, and what better way to do that than to release an episode focusing in Marvel Comics’ bad-ass Vampire hunter, Blade! From his origins as a supporting character in one of the scariest comics of the 70’s to his total redesign as a signature role for Wesley Snipes, Tom and Derrick tackle it all! Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode without digressions and divergences, so we also explore the phallic nature of Spike TV’s name and try to answer the eternal question of “Jessica Biel: What gives?” It’s a fangful of fun, so get to downloading!

Better In The Dark – Episode #16: Marvel at The Movies With Blade

Better In The Dark – Episode #10: Don’t Be A Wise Lost Hero Slaying The Crime Of A Peak County Under An Alias

Just in time for DVD Set Season, The Boys Outta Brooklyn go from the big screen to the boob tube to examine some of the finest examples of serialized genre television. From Twin Peaks to Crime Story to The X-Files to Lost and Heroes, Tom and Derrick talk frankly about all the major touchstones that led to the new television paradigm. Plus Tom goes off on a blistering tear about the ‘originality’ of Heroes, the guys enact their favorite moment from The Last Dragon, and tales about psychotic hate mail!

Better In The Dark – Episode #10: Don’t Be A Wise Lost Hero Slaying The Crime Of A Peak County Under An Alias

Thunderlists: 10 More DC Comic Books That Would Make Pretty Good TV Shows


By Jacob Slater

My last article on this subject didn’t really need a followup. Nor did it need to come so soon after the last one. Does it really matter though?

  1. Challengers of the Unknown

You know, I kind of feel bad for Fantastic Four. They’re the first family of Marvel after all, the foundation that allowed it to become the multi-billion dollar media empire that it is today (give or take a few bankruptcies). Before the Avengers did the first bit of Avenging, before the X-Men were the buttmonkeys of the world, before Spider-Man shot his sticky white web all over men in strange costumes, the Fantastic Four were capturing the hearts and minds of millions of children and nerds in those swinging Mad Men years of the early 1960s. Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards, Sue “Invisible Girl” Storm, her brother Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm, and Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’ Thing, who knows where Marvel comics would be without the mythology that have built up around those 4 characters? Who knows if Spidey or the X-Men would have existed as they are now if not for the Fantastic family? Maybe Peter Parker would have been Chinese, or Magneto would have been an ape in a suit. No one but Ashton Kutcher in the sci-fi thriller film The Butterfly Effect could say for sure.

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