Better In The Dark – Episode #6: Marvel At The Movies With The Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Stdk
We’re back with our bonus episode for June, as the guys straight outta Brooklyn take a look at the First Family of Super-Heroics, The Fantastic Four! Join Tom and Derrick as they look at the cartoons, the films (including the legendary Roger Corman-produced fiasco from the 90’s), the obscure radio show and, of course, the present big budget film series. Plus, learn the real reason why The Human Torch was replaced by Herb-E in the 78 cartoon!

Better In The Dark – Episode #6: Marvel At The Movies With The Fantastic Four

Thunderlists: 5 DC Comics That Would Make Pretty Good TV Shows


By Jacob Slater

If someone asked me what my favorite comic book company was, and for some reason I wasn’t allowed to mention Image or Dark Horse, I’d have to go with DC. I don’t particularly hate Marvel, I’ve read a decent amount of comics from them in my day, I’ve just always found myself more interested in the DC line. Perhaps it was that DC Comics seemed to trend more towards the fantastical and the abstract, rather than the more ‘realistic’ tone that Marvel claims to be going for, and I’ve always preferred that direction when it came to superhero comics. Although nowadays DC is trying to get on the ‘gritty, realistic’ kick with their nu52 universe, which would explain why I don’t really read modern comics at all. Apart from Image, which has gotten better since the wild & wonderful 1990’s.

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