Mad Max: Fury Road

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10353400_661462377292620_5650103949489993553_oWarner Bros./Kennedy-Miller-Mitchell/Village Roadshow Pictures


Directed by George Miller

Produced by Doug Mitchell/George Miller/P.J Voeten

Written by George Miller/Brendan McCarthy/Nico Lathouris

With all the deserved praise that he’s been getting for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, nobody seems to have mentioned that George Miller has revived a time honored movie tradition that has been forgotten in our age of reboot fever: he just simply recast a new actor to play Max Rockatansky aka Mad Max.  He didn’t reboot the series or felt that he had to explain why Max hasn’t aged in the thirty years between this movie and “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” In fact, through some subtle visual clues such as Tom Hardy wearing the same jacket and leg brace that Mel Gibson did in the three previous Mad Max adventures, Miller lets us know this is the same guy. Hardy even gets to briefly drive the iconic black…

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Hip-Hop Manifesto – Episode #12: Is Kanye West Crazy?

In this edition, Kelen and Matt take on a subject everyone has wondered: Is Kanye West crazy? Along the way, they discover that Kanye is a genius a*****e, that Kelen really loves Roc-A-Fella, Matt muses what present day Kanye would think of 2005 Kanye, that Kanye says things like this, “I was raised better than that, that was very arrogant.”, that Kanye is always a little more crazier at the MTV Video Music Awards, and much more! Also, 50 Cent is a genius, Amber Rose was hotter pregnant than Kim Kardashian was, how South Park is the king of “too soon”, and why we don’t listen to Talib Kweli anymore! So while we want Kanye to find happiness, we also want you to press play, and watch out for that stop sign!

Hip-Hop Manifesto –  Episode #12: Is Kanye West Crazy?

Better In The Dark – Episode #16: Marvel at The Movies With Blade


It’s time to kick the Better In The Dark Halloween festivities off in earnest, and what better way to do that than to release an episode focusing in Marvel Comics’ bad-ass Vampire hunter, Blade! From his origins as a supporting character in one of the scariest comics of the 70’s to his total redesign as a signature role for Wesley Snipes, Tom and Derrick tackle it all! Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode without digressions and divergences, so we also explore the phallic nature of Spike TV’s name and try to answer the eternal question of “Jessica Biel: What gives?” It’s a fangful of fun, so get to downloading!

Better In The Dark – Episode #16: Marvel at The Movies With Blade

ToM: “Pleased to Meet Me” – The Replacements


By Jacob Slater

Or, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

This article was originally written as a sort of Paul Simon’s ‘The Only Living Boy in New York” type tribute to a friend of mine, Alec Berry, who as you’ll read was going to be moving to Minnesota for an internship. I’ve seen him once since we both got out of college, talked with him maybe a couple of times besides that, and it’s in moments like this that you realize how much you miss a friend. And was a friend, as much as anyone else I’ve referenced in these articles, even if I didn’t bust his chops about the Dandy Warhols or record a radio show with him. He thought enough of me to give me a spot on the station’s website, which a handful of you have read over the past weeks, so I could write about music and bullshit about my neuroses and such. Even if no one had read these fucking things, even if no one reads these fucking things now, I still appreciated it. That something I wrote could be placed on a pedestal of sorts, that people other than myself might care about something I wrote, build self-respect and responsibility and all that shit. Even if it was about as small a pedestal as you could get, I appreciated it. Thanks buddy.

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ToM: “Purple Rain” – Prince

By Jacob Slater

Or, The Impact of Royalty in America in the Late 20th Century

I wrote a Facebook post recently that said that every time I revisited the work of Prince, it’s still as awesome as I remember. While some harsh words could be said about his later work, and indeed it seems like only recently he’s had something of a career revival thanks to his performances at the Super Bowl and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, the fact is that his work in the 80s ranks as some of the best pop music that’s ever been done. Music that was definitely indicative of the era it was made in (synth-fetishists might want to turn the lights down low when Controversy comes on). but music that much like the Beatles in the 60s and Bowie in the 70s  strived for experimentation and the broadening of what pop was and what it could be. Funk, Electronica, Psychedelia, in its best moments a Prince album could be a wonderful kaleidoscope of various genres all working in harmony. Beautifully expansive yet intimate. Brazenly seductive yet blatant sexual.  No one else was ever quite on the same level as Prince in the 80s; Not Michael Jackson, not Rick James, definitely not Lionel Richie. Dude was in a league of his own.

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ToM: “Be A Man” – Macho Man Randy Savage

By Jacob Slater


I’ve listened to a lot of weird stuff in my day. I own Eskimo, for example, which was a concept album by the Residents which replicates the life of an Inuit hunter in a way that barely resembles traditional music.  The Butthole Surfers, Primus, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, all weird. However, weird as they may be, I think there are far more people who listen to those guys who have heard Randy Savage’s rap album, and far fewer that will say they actually liked it.  Well I’m one of those people who did both, and I felt so strongly on the subject that I decided to write an article about it. Really, what better follow up to Ol’ Dirty Bastard could there have been than the Macho Man? Really, what better concert tour could there have been than ODB/Savage? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you come across greatness like this.

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Better In The Dark – Episode #15: 1408 Months Later, Spiders Rise Fantastically

It’s our latest Review Program, as Tom and Derrick talk about the movies they’ve seen for the months of May through July of 2007. Join The Boys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss 1408, 28 Months Later, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer…plus witness the havoc as both our hosts go thoroughly postal on Spider-Man 3! You don’t want any old podcast, you want to click on the download button now!

Better In The Dark – Episode #15: 1408 Months Later, Spiders Rise Fantastically

ToM: “New York Tendaberry” – Laura Nyro

By Jacob Slater

Or, It’s Always Summer When I’m With You

Maybe it’s because I got into music via the 60s and 70s, but there’s just something about that era that I tend to place higher than any other. There’s the Golden Age of Rock to consider of course, but the same goes for pop and soul music, which in retrospect I’d say hit upon the right combination of commercial viability and critical acceptance that was only rarely touched upon in the years since. Which may be Old Man Thunderbird talking, because I rarely listen to pop music these days and when I do I honestly have difficulty telling different musicians apart. Except for Miley and Kanye, that shit is the bomb.

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