ToM: “Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

By Jacob Slater

Or, Alexander Dumbass’ The Count of Monte Crisco

In the beginning, when my interests in music were strictly a social device to better endear myself to my peers, my knowledge of rap music was relegated to the artists that were popular at the time/were characters in Def Jam Vendetta. Eminem, DMX, 50 Cent, Sean Paul, etc, the gods of old, you know. Once I got to high school though, much as was the case with old school rock and alternative music, I became much more aware of how vast and diverse the genre had become since its creation in the late 70s-early 80s.  I got to know De la Soul and Del tha Funkee Homosapien from Gorillaz, MF Doom from Adult Swim, the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine from Guitar Hero, and so on and so forth in that fashion. I’m still not an aficionado on the genre (I transferred out of Rap Studies in college), but it easily covers a large portion of my music library, and some of my favorite musicians are, in fact, rappers. I know, a white guy listening to rap is totally unbelievable, but bear with me for a while.

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Better In The Dark – Episode #11: The August/September/October Preview: Now With (Talk About) Song!

It’s the Darkest Part of the Movie Season, where every studio dumps the projects it doesn’t know what to do with–so of course Thomas and Derrick are there, putting their two cents in to let you know what’s worthwhile! Join The Guys From Brooklyn as the talk about The Bourne Ultimatum, Stardust, Saw 4 and more–and hear them discuss pop princesses (yes, you heard that right), what Hollywood does to Hong Kong directors, the movie Tom hates above all else and more…so get to clickin!

Better In The Dark – Episode #11: The August/September/October Preview: Now With (Talk About) Song!

Hyphen Nation – Episode #1: 25 Biggie Commandments

In this episode of Hyphen Nation, I dive into the library of The Notorious B.I.G. to commemorate the 18th anniversary of his untimely death. 25 of some of my favorite Biggie tracks and if I had tried to get them all, we’d be looking at a 5 hour episode! I don’t even have the patience for that. But until I do come back around with 25 more, let’s remember Biggie in the best way I know how.

Young G’s
Big Poppa
I Got A Story To Tell
Miss You
Only You
Who Shot Ya
Kick In The Door
Party And Bullshit
Gimme The Loot
The What
One More Chance
Sky’s The Limit
Loving You Tonight
Notorious Thugs
Ten Crack Commandments
Brooklyn’s Finest
Everyday Struggle
Playa Hater
Going Back To Cali

Hyphen Nation – Episode #1: 25 Biggie Commandments

ToM: “Young Americans” – David Bowie

By Jacob Slater

Or, I’ll Be Your Queen Bitch If You’ll Be My Diamond Dog

Despite being one of the biggest rock stars in music history, I still feel like David Bowie is often underrated by the public. Sure, ‘Under Pressure’ gets a lot of love, along with a couple of others like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’, but it’s only a fraction of a prodigious and generally great body of work over the years. Bowie made genre-hopping mainstream, from Bolanesque glam rock to krautrock to slick dancepop, molding himself to the times and sounds that stymied many of his contemporaries. Although there were missteps, particularly once the 90s rolled around, at least those experiments were interesting, if not profitable. Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, they all wish they could have Bowie’s consistency. And in terms of consistency, those are some of the best musicians ever.

I’m a Bowie fan, if you couldn’t tell.
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ToM: “…For the Whole World to See” – Death

By Jacob Slater

Or, When We All Used to Be Punks

If you’re interested in learning more about Death, I’d suggest looking up the rock doc A Band Called Death, available from Drafthouse Films. I don’t remember if I had seen it before I had actually wrote this article, but I found it to be an informative and enjoyable piece of cinema. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it’s no longer on Netflix, but in this day and age it’s not that difficult to locate a movie. I’ll also put in a recommendation for Last Days Here, the documentary of Pentagram lead singer Bobby Liebling (which is on Netflix), as I found that to be intensely interesting as well. Also Dig!, the Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary that I mentioned in the last article. If you like films about musicians, basically, I’ve got you covered.

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