This Little Lightning Round of Mind

This Little Lightning Round of Mindconstant mood

Man I really didn’t mean to let this much time pass between Lightning Rounds. It’s been so long and we have some newbies on deck, so veterans, please sit calmly and quietly while I explain the rules. The Lightning Round is what happens when my brain intakes too much of the world’s trash and regurgitates it as brilliance…or tomfoolery. It’s up to you to decide. Just don’t try to “understand” what’s happening, because there IS nothing happening. Anyway, like, comment and share and stuff. I command you to enjoy it.

Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: 30 Years Doesn’t Serve the Victims Justice!


“Jerry Sandusky is a GREAT man,” said absolutely no one following his sentencing Tuesday. For those that don’t remember, Sandusky is the Penn State assistant coach who was charged with 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Yes, that does bear repeating, Jerry Sandusky was charged with forty-five counts of child sexual abuse. Mr. Sandusky spent his glorious day of reckoning, where he learned he was sentenced to “no less than 30 years and more than 60 years” behind bars; pleading innocence, according to multiple articles. Continue reading

It Could Happen To You: A Story With A Moral


I pride myself in being able to wear two different hats at the same time. One side is the somewhat square, accountant/bookkeeper who doubles as a responsible family man. I hold down multiple jobs, I make straight A’s in school, I dress casually, and I’m book-smart. I do taxes.  I take care of my wife and daughter.  The other side which few get to see is the spontaneous, somewhat reckless tattoo addict and hip-hop artist – a street smart kid who enjoys hitting the gym almost as much as he enjoys hitting the range. Continue reading

Top 4 Classes They Should Have Taught Us In High School

As our national scores continue to parade down the ranks in math and science, it’s important to remind ourselves that our school system utterly failed us in other important ways too. During the 1950s, families were usually responsible for teaching their kids the necessities in life – like changing oil in the family car and performing simple maintenance around the house.

Also important – common sense

But the traditional family met its untimely end decades ago when dual-working households and single-parent families became the hip, new way to make a killing on your tax return. These simple life lessons were never passed along to society at large and the cracks are beginning to show. Take for example: Continue reading