What Happened To The Intercontinental Championship?


Thomas started writing this in February of 2014 and left it unfinished in March of the same year. His original plan was to cover the entire history of the Intercontinental Championship. I present this to you the way he left it, with only a quick edit done on it. Any errors should be taken up with Anthony Sellers. Thomas and I are not to blame.

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The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 4/7/2014


WrestleMania could be considered a season finale if you think of wrestling as an episodic show.  If that is the case, then the Raw right after should be considered the first episode of the new season.  The finale was an amazing show.  Monday Night Raw picked up where it left off.  Hopefully it sest the tone for the upcoming year of the WWE.

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The Big Push: WrestleMania XXX Review


The Grandest Stage in Sports Entertainment, it came and shocked us all.  There were more then a few surprises thrown out to the fans.  Many were less than thrilled with some of the results.  Many of us are still in a daze as to what happened.  Overall, it was a great show. Continue reading

WrestleMania Week: The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/31/2014 – Go Home Show


This show actually started out with a big surprise.  Instead of Triple H, instead of Stephanie McMahon, The Undertaker came out.  He then proceeded to give a very long and cryptic message that at times seemed to confuse more then intimidate.  He talked about being in the deep end, he talked about the Streak being unbeatable, like death and taxes.  It was cool and sort of uncool at the same time to watch. Continue reading

WrestleMania Week: The Big Push: The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Seem Right


It is time folks.  It is time for The Undertaker to put his legendary streak on the line.  The streak is currently at 21-0.  This is unheard of for any wrestler, as even the biggest names haven’t been able to get more than handful of wins in a row at WrestleMania.  The Undertaker has done it 21 times.  The Streak has become its own thing at Mania, and has constantly been a big draw.  It has been really big in the last few years, when the matches could have arguably stolen the show.  This year, Undertaker is facing the Beast, Brock Lesnar.  Something about this…just seems off. Continue reading

WrestleMania Week: The Big Push: Have The Tag Team Titles Been Buried Again?


Is it going to happen again?  Just ask that question about the WWE Tag Team Championship.  It is funny because it seemed that WWE had made a turn and were bringing back the Tag Team Division.  There is some talent; there was a bringing back of some old favorites for nostalgia, there seemed to be a push for the fan favorites, the Usos.  Is it just a joke for those fans that love the tag team division? Continue reading

The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/24/2014


After last week’s great show, this one honestly felt like it was lacking.  There were some good spots of course.  There was some moments that made it entertaining.  However, there was a definite lack of excitement for this week.  This does not bode well considering WrestleMania is only two weeks away.

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The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/17/2014


This Monday Night Raw appeared to be a complete reversal of last week’s.  It had a lot more wrestling matches and a lot less talking.  Yes, promos and segments are needed by most fan’s standards.  However it was a nice change to see more in-ring action and some twists with the storytelling this week. Continue reading

The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/10/2014


This was not a great Monday Night Raw.  Actually this was not even a good Monday Night Raw.  Overall, there was a lot of talking.  There was a lot of story pushing, almost like it was a go home show.  However, it was not a go home show, because WrestleMania is still four weeks away.  There were some decent spots here and there, but not enough to save the show. Continue reading

The Big Push: Less Than 30 Days Away From WrestleMania and Things Are Bleak


There is less than one month until WrestleMania 30.  In 30 days, the biggest spectacle of the year for the WWE will take place in New Orleans.  This is the time all WWE fans should be feeling the excitement.  It is the time to gear up, and prepare for that special Sunday that only comes once a year.  This is the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA and NHL Championship Playoffs rolled into one for professional wrestling fans.  Yet, does anyone else feel that this year things seem a little off?  Perhaps it could be said, even falling flat? Continue reading