Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Don’t Worry, It’s Good For You!

This is not a pro smoking schtick. Actually, I don’t smoke, never really liked it. The fact is that as our nation grows, it seems more and more laws are put in place to, “save ourselves” from…well, ourselves. The fact is, I just like how they always seem to find one culprit, one, “bad guy,” and force everyone to believe it. The fact is, I know smoking is bad. People have known that well over a century now. There is a reason that in the 1920s and earlier, cigarettes were called cancer sticks.

What this is about, is the idea that laws can be put into place, that really don’t make sense. Here we go folks. This is not something that most people will like or enjoy, but I’m going to lay it out flat.

Smoking is bad, mmm kay…yeah, we got it. Secondhand smoke, in studies, has shown to increase certain risks, like heart disease and lung disease. Anyone see those ads, the ones where the guys say, “I never smoked, but all my coworkers did, now I have emphysema”? This can happen.

Ever notice that these commercials run and it is the same people over and over again? There’s a reason for that. The fact is, that someone who regularly takes in secondhand, has about a twenty five percent increase in their chance for lung cancer and heart disease.

Yes, this is horrible. That actually sounds like a horrible risk, and what most of the anti-smoking laws are based on. Yet, death from secondhand smoke is not that cut and dry. An estimated average of passive smokers (people that regularly inhale second smoke), is 1 out of 7895. What?

For those that aren’t a math whiz, let me break it down. That is about a .0001% chance of you dying from secondhand smoke. How do you get 25%, this huge massive number? And then say in same site, that you have .0001% chance of dying from secondhand smoke?

As this is stated in the site, the deaths from secondhand smoke, aren’t really finite and countable. In fact in 2002, there were 38,000 deaths attributed to secondhand smoke. The fact is that later they found through better research, the death toll is much, much lower. If you are an anti-smoking buff or an angry smoker just looking for a place to light up, you should be shaking your head either way.

This IS NOT SCIENCE! The fact is science is supposed to help us understand the world better. It’s supposed to make us understand common sense, things that work, and why. Then again, this whole issue, is based on a lot of sort of science, and a lot of guess work it seems. Science mixed in with agendas and political machines, makes for even worse scenarios.

So, am I saying that second hand smoke is okay? That it? I don’t know. Everyone seems to agree that it can hinder your health if you are regularly exposed to it. I mean, most agree that pregnant women or women with young children shouldn’t smoke. I can get behind that. However, is sitting at a restaurant, breathing in some secondhand smoke going to kill me? Is it so severe that smoking should be BANNED?

How about this, if you are going to ban smoking, why not ban something else. Take a look at this article and get back to me. Yes, the beloved grilled chicken. The answer to every person who is looking to round out a meal and yet avoid the evil red meat.

This is supposed to be the “healthy” alternative to fried chicken folks. And yet, it’s, “peppered with chemicals that cause cancer”? Alright, well this is obviously not good, maybe we should ban chicken totally right? [1. I hear vegans everywhere giving out yelps of praise.]

Beware you pesky vegans. I mean, you all think you are so much better (sorry, I mean healthier) than us evil meat eaters. Here’s a link for you. Yes, the precious natural fruit and vegetables, have many, and I mean many natural carcinogens in them. In fact, many have more then synthetic chemicals. Oh trust me, there’s more. Do you think you are living a life that can prevent the evil cancer? How about this? Notice, all these sites have various agendas, yet want to help all of us.  My agenda certainly has nothing to do with trashing vegetables or fruits either, in fact if you think that then you really need to get the whole idea of this writing.  The fact is, the word, carcinogen, what it is, and how it is used, can do many things and be put to many uses.

Okay, this is really starting to make my head hurt. So what is good for me? What is bad for me? Who can tell me what I can and can’t enjoy and imbibe[2. Editor’s Note: Vocab five.] to live a long happy life?

In comes the lobbyists and the government, HOORAY! Instead of having to think for myself, there are people out there that are pushing for “my best interests”. Yes folks, these are the same people that pushed shortening and vegetable oil as healthy alternatives to fight heart disease. That has worked, hasn’t it? I mean, since the 1960s, people that die from heart disease and strokes have dropped down to almost nothing? These are also the people that fought to make sure that corn was subsidized, and put into every thing a person can possibly buy in the grocery store. Remember, corn syrup is just like sugar, just okay in moderation right (though hard to moderate when it is in everything…hmm). These are also the people that told us that Iraq absolutely had weapons of mass destruction, wink.

Okay, enough picking on the politicians and big business. The fact is, I don’t really care about their agenda. What bugs me is how we all get swept up in it. The sad fact is, instead of a nation of readers and thinkers, we tend to be followers. People don’t speak out when something is stupid. Most who know me well, would be shocked I’m on the side of smokers in this arena.

I have had several family members die from lung cancer. It’s not a surprise that they all smoked like chimneys. I’ve also had several family members have heart disease and stroke. Again, smoking was a regular thing for these people. However, they also were people that made their own decisions. Looking at it, they lived their lives how they wanted to.

Why on earth would I be stamping my approval on people that want to kill themselves? The fact is, we are all doing it folks. Just Google the amount of carcinogens in your area’s air supply. How about you look up what chemicals go into your clean water source. Go ahead, I’ll have a smoke while you are looking…just kidding, but come on. The fact is cancer is a serious disease, that has started to plague us as we got away from nature. It’s something we haven’t figured out yet. I personally don’t like smoking, and wish all smokers would stop. However, I also think that if I walk through some smokers standing outside a door, I’m not going to drop dead! Show me someone who has and prove it was from the secondhand smoke, and I will take back everything I have said.

In the end, this is a pointless article. One sane voice amongst a throng of scared outraged individuals is drowned out. The only thing I’m writing this for is my own personal venting. I hate stupid things, shady science, and agendas that are pushed based on one or two “studies”. Do I have the answers? Not at all. I have an open mind. Should remind any scientist you know that they should as well. Until later, keep reading, and speak out against things that don’t make sense.

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