The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Valentine’s Day Asininity


Love is in the air on this special Valentine’s Day edition of the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw Show. Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo celebrate the holiday by showing love to all those they care about most, the fans. Hold up! Pump the breaks! Wait a minute! That’s not right. They hate all you fools. Never mind… In reality, this day means nothing to them and it will be business as usual. Asinine banter and sports talk.

With football officially behind us and the weather starting to cooperate, baseball is in the air. Spring Training has begun and this means another MLB season is just around the corner. Mike and George discuss which team had the best off-season, what to look for in 2013, and even give a few bold predictions.

Before baseball takes center stage of sports, there’s some madness that needs dealt with first. The college basketball regular season is nearing its end. Nearing an end or not, the title of best team is far from clear. Who the Hell is the favorite and truly best of the bunch? Which teams are actually built for the long haul? Is anybody?!

To conclude another epic broadcast, Mike soaks up the awesomeness that is the Vancouver Canuck goalie drama. Most notably Roberto Luongo’s head standing campaign. NHL resident heel, Matt Cooke will also go on trial. FYI: heels got heels backs (hint, hint). That’s just how it is.

Flowers and candy conquer the bank accounts on Valentine’s Day, while the Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Valentine’s Day Asininity

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