An Evening With “KING DAVID”: D-Why Returns To 123 Pleasant Street

There was a brief intermission following Dinosaur Burps as DJ ETrayn hit the stage to get the antsy crowd even more ready. As the “D-Why” chants began, I posted up backstage near the backdoor, just in the time see D and his crew enter. D yelled some last minute things to his people, and then emerged on stage to thunderous applause. I had to go to the back of the venue to get a clear view and I still had to scale a nearby railing to get a great view.

The setlist was eclectic to say the least. DFY had just dropped a few days earlier and it made up a majority of his performance. He ran the crowd through a few favorites that didn’t make the mixtape like “Macchiato Music” and “Shooter McGavin”, with the crowd singing along word for word. After holding the crowd over with “Ballad of an Asshole”, “New York Times”, and “Kate Upton Is The Motto”, he asked the crowd if they were ready for “Devil Horns To All”, his 2010 remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow”. After the crowd answered emphatically, D said he wanted to party in the crowd because he didn’t remember all the lyrics; he wanted the crowd to fill in for him.

The loudest rendition of “Devil Horns To All” followed, with D-Why bouncing through the crowd to his own music. It was a superstar moment if there ever was one.

After a few more DFY cuts, D invited his crew and all the ladies in the crowd onstage. Then he signaled ETrayn to start spinning records. Songs from his time at WVU blasted as the whole building rocked along with the familiar tunes. As D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” shook 123, I had to make an audio reminder to myself.

“At this given point, D-Why’s mic is not standing up. He has 15 girls on stage, dancing to “Laffy Taffy” like it’s 2004.[2. “Laffy Taffy” was released in 2006.] This shit is blowing my mind.”

After another dozen or so songs, D finally signaled for the music to end and said goodbye to the crowd. Drenched in sweat, he made his way to the merchandise table that had various t-shirts either emblazoned with his logo, his face or “Sarcasm, Orgasms & Fashion” (a line from “Macchiato Music”). He then began signing merch, taking pictures, and taking a few minutes to talk to any fan who approached him. As I took in this scene, I pulled one fan to the side to ask her what she thought of the show.

“It was good. I don’t know…I love D-Why until tonight…I’m biased. He said “Peace, Love, and then Money”?[3. Seen on D’s crew at the show and a reoccurring theme of DFY.] The money thing is throwing me off. I was like uh uh. Peace does not go with money and that made me so mad. I didn’t know he was for that. And I was [turned off]. I love him. “Party Girl” is my favorite. I love “Party Girl”. I came to college here (WVU) and that’s how I knew him. This shirt (pointing at someone wearing the Peace, Love, Money tee), I do not like this shirt. I don’t like the money sign. The money sign made me so mad. Because I love peace and I love the heart. But…I love his music. If I’m happy, I’m happy. But I’m not gonna be happy because of money. Peace and love, hell yeah! But not the money. I wish it were peace, love, and happiness…peace, love, and something, not peace, love and money.”

After talking a few more minutes with the girl who had the interesting t-shirt views, I asked WV rapper Daniel Aliff his thoughts on the show, as he traveled all the way from Beckley to check it out.

“I can’t say I’m a D-Why fan but he killed that shit, for real.” When asked about his favorite part of the show: “That Cam’ron shit. “What Means The World To You” (“Killa” was what D-Why called his version)? That was dope.” After saying he still wasn’t a fan of D’s look: “He killed the shit, everybody says he’s a cool dude, he killed the show.”

While D was outside doing an interview with Jenesis Magazine, I chopped it up with his brother Matt Morris and Andrew Sullivan of ZFG about D’s work ethic, how far he’s come since he started his career a few years ago, and Andrew asked Matt if there was deeper meaning linking some songs from Don’t Flatter Yourself. I had planned on saying a few things to D when he finished his interview before I headed out, when his manager approached me.

“You still wanted to interview D, right?”

Hot damn.


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