Better In The Dark – Episode #139: Tom and Derrick vs. The Chinese Sherlock, the Drunk Guru, the Action Troika, the Sin-Eater, and the CGI-ed Lizard

BITD 139 Photo

It’s time for another Review Episode, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn take a look at a quintet of movies that range from the brand-extending Bourne Legacy to the brand expanding Expendables 2 and the brand imitating Hong Kong curio The Bullet Vanishes. Plus Tom’s Tales Of Working the Licensed Fiction Mines, Derrick’s research for a new Sinbad tale, and the man with the super-power of hair (Hi, Ian!). You know you don’t want to walk from the window to the wall without getting low, so get to clicking!

Two Guys Outta Brooklyn Talk Movies
Silver Age Comics Through Modern Eyes
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Nocturne, The City That Lives By Night….needs a darker shade of protector

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