Anthony’s Articulated Arguments: 30 Years Doesn’t Serve the Victims Justice!


“Jerry Sandusky is a GREAT man,” said absolutely no one following his sentencing Tuesday. For those that don’t remember, Sandusky is the Penn State assistant coach who was charged with 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Yes, that does bear repeating, Jerry Sandusky was charged with forty-five counts of child sexual abuse. Mr. Sandusky spent his glorious day of reckoning, where he learned he was sentenced to “no less than 30 years and more than 60 years” behind bars; pleading innocence, according to multiple articles.

Sandusky, 68-years-old, will hopefully take his last breath in a penal colony, especially after being ignorant to his own actions by 1) Denying doing anything wrong, and 2) Asking for an appeal. The latter of the two is most appalling to me. Sandusky’s attorneys claim they didn’t have enough time to prepare a defense. Really? Are you serious? I mean, realllly?!

That’s complete asininity; you had 15 years to compile a defense!! Fifteen years! A decade and a half! From your 53rd year of life until last year when you was caught, you had time to prepare a still-not-so-semi-viable-defense. Did I say last year, I’m sorry, fourteen years to prepare the same still-not-so-semi-viable-defense.

I just don’t understand how 30 years is justifiable. So what if it’s “essentially” a life sentence for him? He ruined ten now young men’s lives; he deserves the same as ten life sentences. That’s not counting the careers of fellow former Penn State employees. Although, that can be questioned if it was ruined by Sandusky or the other employees themselves for helping Sandusky cover up the scandal.  I vote for the latter on that one as well. For their parts in covering up the scandals, 30 years would be justifiable, in my opinion.

Yes, that is directed at you Tim Curley and Gary Schultz. These two apparently knew Sandusky was having “shower play time” with these minors, most of which were athletes for the very university they worked for, yet they didn’t alert any authority whatsoever! Really! Looks like that bit them in the ass. Oh wait, sorry, that was Jerry!!

Perhaps the worst part of the whole situation is the repercussions that the University itself has taken. The NCAA fined Penn State $60 million, vacated 111 wins from 1998-2011 and banned the football team from bowl games for the next four years. In essence, the kids that would be getting sexually abused by Sandusky if the scandal hadn’t been unfolded are being punished by the NCAA because of the negligence of their administrators and coaches. That makes a lot of sense.

I understand that the university deserves to receive some form of corollary. That’s inevitable, however, I don’t see how banning them from bowl games for the next four years for something that happened under a previous regime is beneficial. Vacate the 111 wins; fine the university the $60 million, even more. I just think four years is too many. I just feel like it’s too much. It’ll take twice that long as it is for the program to rebuild anyways.

I applaud the victims that stood up and finally spoke out against Sandusky. That’s something that I not only can’t imagine ever having to do, but it also lets others who do know what it’s like and have lived with similar circumstances know that it’s great to speak out.

All child abuser’s/molesters/predators, whatever you want to call them, do not deserve the same freedoms as everybody else in this world, but deserve lives of futility and depravity.

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