Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Some Random Questions About Star Wars


There has probably been an article like this many times for the past several decades. The fact is that some of these questions have been answered by experts in the subject. There are actually experts in the area of Star Wars that far surpass anything that the average watcher could even imagine. These questions are posed as a casual observer who enjoys the movie, yet does not go too in depth. However, these are questions that should be debated even by the casual observers.

1. Did Han shoot first? This is one the more controversial points of the original movie. What the Special Edition version shows is that in the cantina, Han is confronted by the bounty hunter Greedo. After an argument, Greedo shoots and misses, and at almost the same time Han shoots back and kills the bounty hunter. To many people who see watch this, this seems fine, however, there is a discrepancy. The fact is that in the original 1977 showing, Greedo did not fire, and in fact Han Solo killed him in cold blood. For the 1997 re-release it was changed to show that Han fired in retaliation for being shot at. This is one scene of the movie that was changed and is still debated, though I think it shouldn’t be because if Solo had not killed Greedo, he would have been dead and a vital part of the Star Wars mythos would be lost.

2. Why doesn’t Chewbacca correct Han Solo when he says he doesn’t believe in the Force? Han and Chewie obviously have a good relationship. During Episode IV, Han jokes that the force is hocus pocus. During this, Chewbacca does not say anything to Solo. However, during Episode III, Chewbacca is an ally of Yoda and helps him escape from Storm Troopers trying to kill him. Why would he just let Han disparage the Force and the Jedi when in his past he was involved in the Clone Wars? This is most likely due to poor writing and trying to tie characters together but still the problem is obvious to anyone who has seen all the movies.

3. Why is Obi-Wan Kenobi so old in Episode IV? In the film Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan is mentor to Anakin Skywalker. He is also the man that (SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t seen Sith yet, read no further.) defeats him at the end of the movie. The problem is that during Sith he is only in his early to mid 30s. In Episode IV, he seems to have aged a great deal. This is a minor problem, but still it has only been twenty years or so since the Emperor has taken control. In Episode IV, he looks to be in his early to late 60s. Solo even comments about how he is an old fossil. Perhaps it has something to do with living in the desert without enough sunscreen for twenty years. Again, this is probably due more to the writing.

4. Why is Anakin Skywalker such a whiny bitch? Okay, this seems unfair. But let’s be honest, anytime the first three movies are watched it is hard to think otherwise. It’s okay when he loses his mother to Sand People, and the reaction is completely expected. However, he spends Episode III whining and worried about his precious Padme. This is because he has a vision about her dying. This is the catalyst that supposedly drives him to the Dark Side of the Force. Yet, it is only a vision. All of his teachers explain that visions of the Force and the future are not set in stone. Yet this one vision drives him over the edge. It could be the writing  or just the story. It could be that the writers wanted a quick and easy way of him turning that would really connect with the crowds. The fact is this could have been developed more and it’s possible that the prequels were not enough to show this and be convincing.

5. What are those little remote controlled cars on the Death Star? This seems like a stupid complaint, however, it has to be addressed. There have actually been skits about this on Family Guy and Robot Chicken. In Episode IV, small vehicles are moving around the walkways. They look like small remote controlled vans. The fact of the matter is that these things are never given a reason for being there. There is even a joke where Chewbacca howls at one, it stops, beeps, and quickly zips away as if it is a droid of some kind. Again, this is probably a stupid question, but surely many have wondered about it.

6. What is Anakin smoking at the end of Episode III? During the final climatic battle, Anakin and Obi-Wan talk a great deal. During the end of the movie, viewers see Anakin go from uncertainty about his role and Darth Sidious, to full out Sith Lord. Anyone who watches this can see Anakin go from not being sure, wanting to save Padme, to believing that he and Padme can rule the galaxy. This is a major leap, and one that seems completely ridiculous. He goes from killing Mace Windu, to swearing allegiance to the emperor. Okay, this seems fine because he can’t just jump back into being part of the Jedi Order. However, he starts spouting off about ruling the galaxy, being betrayed by Padme, and even the lies of the Jedi Order. Many can say he was seduced by the Dark Side and that the power went to his head. However, even for movie land, this quick jump seems like a leap from one end of the Grand Canyon to the other. At the end of the day, one has to ask: were drugs involved?

These are some basic questions that should be asked by anyone who sees the Star Wars films. However, a lot never really have been answered. It is true that some may seem silly, yet when looked at even by the casual observer, they are still pertinent questions that should have some form of answer to them. And this is just a small list. The fact is, there are many questions and problems with Star Wars that do not make sense. Go ahead, enjoy the movies and ignore these questions. Truthfully, they probably will not matter in the grand scheme of things. However, if you feel the urge, try and think about them. It might make the movies just a bit more interesting.

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