The Big Push: Why Watch Pro Wrestling?


This is my first article so I decided to tackle a question I have been asked a lot.  That question is simply, why am I a fan of pro wrestling?  Believe it or not, some people just can’t understand why I enjoy it.  It’s bad enough that they care enough to actually ask me when truthfully it is none of their business.  What actually gets to me is that those that seem to care usually look down on pro wrestling and mean the question as an insult to me personally.  So once and for all, I’m going to go ahead and give my reasons here.  If you ask me after this, I’m just going to say read the post.

First, yes I know the action is fake and the wrestlers aren’t really throwing punches or kicks.  I also know that the men and women aren’t really trying to hurt one another.  Guess what?  I know this.  In fact, the majority of fans watching over the age of 5 know this little secret.  Second, here is another shocking thing: I know that the matches and the storylines are written in advance.  Anyone who has watched wrestling should know this whether they are an ardent fan or an occasional watcher.

The fact that these reasons are given over and over as a negative of pro wrestling still amazes me to this day.  A lot of the people that talk negatively are fans of mixed martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing.  Fans of combat sports seem to be the worst in my opinion.  I’m going to say this now.  I am a fan of mixed martial arts and was a fan of boxing when growing up.  To this day I still enjoy watching Olympic wrestling and full contact fighting sports.  I don’t try to compare, because combat sports and pro wrestling can’t be compared.

Pro wrestling to me is like watching an action movie or show.  I like to use this analogy just to make people think.  Would it disappoint you if I told you that the action sequences in movies are, “staged”?  Would it bother you that when you watch a show and see guys fighting, that they are, “faking”, and no one is really hurt?  Why is it that when people are watching a great action movie in a theater they aren’t standing up, and complaining how the storylines are false and obviously what is on the screen isn’t real?

The fact is that pro wrestling is the same to me.  It is a show put on by talented performers and gifted athletes.  Trust me, ask any movie stuntman who has to do similar sequences that wrestlers perform all the time if they are athletes…the answer will be yes.  I like to suspend my view of reality, and get into the show and action.  In fact, it is the same as when anyone watches a show or movie and gets into it.

Now, I try not to judge other people’s taste in entertainment (Okay, that is a lie, I judge all the time).  However, what I try not to do is verbally bash a person who enjoys something I don’t.  So let’s make it simple, I enjoy wrestling.  I enjoy the action, I like the show, and I like the performers.   If you are one that doesn’t, that is fine with me.  Just shut up and let me enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Big Push: Why Watch Pro Wrestling?

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