DJ Strizy – Hood Secrets 3 (Mixtape)


So sometime in March or even February, I made a visit to my good friend DJ Strizy, when I still lived down the street from him. We bullshitted for the most part and then, as he always does, he played some music. This wasn’t his standard electro kick he had been on though. He played me a cut called “Pussy Marijuana” by David Sebastian. While the song’s content wasn’t the greatest, I couldn’t deny how hot the track was.

“Yeah,” Strizy said nonchalantly. “That’s on my hip-hop mixtape.”
“You did a hip-hop mixtape?!”
“Yeah. It’s on UStream. I don’t have a cover for it though. I might not even put it out.”
“Email it to me.”

A few days later, I had Hood Secrets 3 in my email. And due to some real life commitments and sheer laziness, I sat on it. By the time I finally got around to posting it in April, the gears were in motion for this website’s creation. I figured: what better way to get our website out there by attaching it to this great mixtape?

So I present to you DJ Strizy’s Hood Secrets 3, officially brought to you by An hour + of great music delivered by someone I consider a music connoisseur.

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DJ Strizy – Hood Secrets 3 by Dj Strizy on Mixcloud

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2 thoughts on “DJ Strizy – Hood Secrets 3 (Mixtape)

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