One Season In Cleveland: Free Agency and the NFL Draft

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Welcome back to my feature about my hypothetical run as General Manager of my beloved Cleveland Browns. The first installment included me talking about making sure the front office created a clear-cut gameplan for the organization as well as making a couple brief points on some of the roster decisions for the upcoming season. This time around, I’m going to go more in-depth about free agency and the draft. Continue reading

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Talking Out The Dead: “Still”


Thomas Crawford: All in all, this was an amazing episode.  This had the most dramatic scenes since Carl stood over an unconscious Rick and told him he had failed them.  So, Beth wants to have a drink.  Not a drink of water, she wants her first drink of alcohol. SPOILERS… Continue reading

The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/3/2014


The show started when Paul Heyman came out to CM Punk’s music, dropped a pipebomb, and blamed the fans because CM Punk is gone.  Heyman said fans don’t like truth that they took Punk away from Heyman and away from themselves.  He also blamed Undertaker because Punk couldn’t beat the streak at ‘Mania NY/NJ.  This turned into a big build up of Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match at Mania XXX. Continue reading

The Big Push: How Deep Is The Tag Team Division?


The WWE Tag Team Division is going strong.  It is the epitome of competition.  Teams face off for the grandest prize for teams in sports entertainment, the WWE Tag Team Titles.  Fans have heard it for over a year now.  The Tag Team Division is the deepest it has been in years.”  It seems to be the truth.  However, taking a solid look at what the Tag Division has become, is it really as “deep” as announcers claim? Continue reading