Talking Out The Dead: “The Grove”

Kelen Conley: So this week’s episode features Carol/Tyreese/Krazy Lizzie/Mika/Walker Bait as they make their way to the many time aforementioned Terminus. It’s funny that I made a joke to Derrick about there being no interracial couples in the south during the apocalypse and then the show gives us Carol and Tyreese: She Clearly Wears The Pants! SPOILERS… Continue reading

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The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/17/2014


This Monday Night Raw appeared to be a complete reversal of last week’s.  It had a lot more wrestling matches and a lot less talking.  Yes, promos and segments are needed by most fan’s standards.  However it was a nice change to see more in-ring action and some twists with the storytelling this week. Continue reading