The Big Push: WWE Raw Review 3/10/2014


This was not a great Monday Night Raw.  Actually this was not even a good Monday Night Raw.  Overall, there was a lot of talking.  There was a lot of story pushing, almost like it was a go home show.  However, it was not a go home show, because WrestleMania is still four weeks away.  There were some decent spots here and there, but not enough to save the show. Continue reading

The Big Push: Less Than 30 Days Away From WrestleMania and Things Are Bleak


There is less than one month until WrestleMania 30.  In 30 days, the biggest spectacle of the year for the WWE will take place in New Orleans.  This is the time all WWE fans should be feeling the excitement.  It is the time to gear up, and prepare for that special Sunday that only comes once a year.  This is the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA and NHL Championship Playoffs rolled into one for professional wrestling fans.  Yet, does anyone else feel that this year things seem a little off?  Perhaps it could be said, even falling flat? Continue reading

One Season In Cleveland: Free Agency and the NFL Draft

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Welcome back to my feature about my hypothetical run as General Manager of my beloved Cleveland Browns. The first installment included me talking about making sure the front office created a clear-cut gameplan for the organization as well as making a couple brief points on some of the roster decisions for the upcoming season. This time around, I’m going to go more in-depth about free agency and the draft. Continue reading

Talking Out The Dead: “Still”


Thomas Crawford: All in all, this was an amazing episode.  This had the most dramatic scenes since Carl stood over an unconscious Rick and told him he had failed them.  So, Beth wants to have a drink.  Not a drink of water, she wants her first drink of alcohol. SPOILERS… Continue reading