Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #1: Richard Lee Byers

In the debut episode, Thomas sits down with Richard Lee Byers to talk about his newest book The Impostor #2: The Blood Machine! Go inside the creative process of Byers as he tells the story of Matt Brown, a normal man trapped in a world of superpowered heroes and villains, of mutants, sentient robots, and monsters! Also: Richard describes how he plans out his stories, goes into a bit of his Forgotten Realms contributions and gives out just a tiny bit of info into the future of The Impostor series. And while you are just an ordinary man (or lady) like Matt, don’t let that stop you from pressing play!

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #1: Richard Lee Byers

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The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Kvetching Draft Asininity (Guests: Scott Carasik, Alex Wiederspiel, & Ethan Hammerman)

Some celebrate Christmas, some celebrate Hanukkah, others celebrate the National Football League’s annual draft, as their most special “holiday” of the calendar year. Mike ‘the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer’ Gerbo welcome the Kvetching Draftniks guys to the HBS ring. Scott Carasik, Alex Wiederspiel, and Ethan Hammerman spout, or should I say, kvetch, all the knowledge imaginable on the 2013 NFL Draft.

With the Darrelle Revis New York Jets era now officially over (sorry Alex), how does this trade impact the rest of the draft. And what is the future of Revis, now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, as well as, the team he left behind?

Is Geno Smith truly worthy of a high draft pick, or is he benefiting from a lack of quarterback depth? Are the Minnesota Vikings and Manti Te’o headed towards a perfect marriage? Who will be the diamonds in the rough? Every draft can alter the leagues landscape for decades. For every Shannon Sharpe late round gem, there’s a Ryan Leaf or Tony Mandarich to wreck havoc on a franchise.

Apparently JaMarcus Russell has decided to put down the “purple drank” and attempt a comeback. Where does this rank on the asinine richter scale? Off the charts is a possible answer. Who are the potential overhyped 2013 class draft busts?

The Kvetching Draftniks conquer the NFL Draft, while the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw continue to conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Kvetching Draft Asininity (Guests: Scott Carasik, Alex Wiederspiel, & Ethan Hammerman)

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – The Galvanizing Effect

At a time that has truly showed the connection between sports and humanity, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo do what they do best, provide an entertaining distraction. Who better than the ultimate “heel” (Mike) and “baby face” (George) sports media foils to give perspective, debate, and most importantly, laughter, during a time we need it the most.

In typical asinine soap opera fashion, Kobe Bryant’s efforts to carry the Lakers to the playoffs was put to rest, following a serious injury. With Kobe out, can the rest of the Lakers still crawl together? Who is to blame for this doomsday situation in LA? And what will his absence mean for the future of one of sports darling franchises?

Not only did Tiger Woods not earn another green jacket and major championship, but he was surrounded by controversy all throughout golf’s grandest weekend. Was Tiger’s “drop” at The Masters handled properly? How will Tiger fare in upcoming majors?

As we continue with the Buzz-Saw’s favorite rant topics, the NHL announced a slate of outdoor games for the 2013-2014 season. One was apparently not nearly enough. Is an abundance of outdoor games ruining a once unique event? In addition to next seasons news, this season is ending, as teams attempt to secure playoff positioning.

Baseball closes another jam packed HBS. FYI, to all panic buttons being pressed and parades being scheduled: STOP!

Can George calm Mike down in the midst of a gauntlet of asininity? He tries. But it’s really an impossible task.

Even in our darkest hours, the American people are conquerors. And the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw assist, by conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – The Galvanizing Effect

Better In The Dark – Episode #146: Rock the Sunset Delusion Where the Crimson Contenders Lie!

BITD 146 Photo
It’s time for the 2013 edition of The Obscure Movie Episode!  Join Tom and Derrick as they present their annual six-pack of films you might not otherwise know about.  From the southwest noir Delusion to the Hollywood action thriller Sunset to the animated epic (that almost destroyed a Canadian movie studio) Rock and Rule, the Guys Outta Brooklyn cover a wide range of genres.  Plus talk about rats, New Year’s Eve, gullible football players and…Big Electric Cat!  You know we’re the hottest thing since World War Three, so get to clicking!

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Cleaning Out The Closet

Spring is in the air. And the sports world is in the midst of some spring cleaning of its own. College basketball’s madness has now been thrown in the closet, ushering golf and baseball to the main dresser drawer. Bored? Think again.

This weeks Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer’ Gerbo discuss the National Championship Game between Louisville and Michigan, the significance of Rick Pitino’s second National Title to his legacy, the future of the Michigan program, and even how the the Fab Five should be handled with the sanctions officially lifted. There was another college basketball championship game – the women played one too, as Connecticut and head coach Geno Auriemma captured their 8th crown. Where does the accomplishment put Auriemma in comparison to overall great college coaches like Pat Summit and among the men elites like John Wooden, Coach K, and Adolph Rupp etc?

One of the most beautiful parts of Spring: THEEEE MASTERS! Golf’s biggest stage is here and so is the aged old question: Tiger or the field? How much much does Tiger Woods need this major, in his quest to break Jack Nicklaus’ record? Mike will try to remain calm this time (we said try…).

With the New York Knicks streaking and the Pittsburgh Penguins slumping, these two prominent franchises are the focus. How good are the Knicks? Should the Pens panic, dealing with another Crosby injury?

A recap of the first week of the 2013 Major League Baseball will conclude this edition of the HBS. The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw throw on their green jackets, while conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Cleaning Out The Closet

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Magic In The Air (2013 MLB Preview)

Smell the grass. Hear the crack of the bat. The countdown is over. Baseball season is now underway! This is their wheelhouse, as Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo go league to league, division to division, breaking down all that is the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

Can Posey and the Giants pitching lead San Francisco to a third World Series title in four years? Is it possible for Miguel Cabrera to follow a historic Triple Crown? How will the injury riddled Yankees fair? Will Bryce Harper emerge to even another level in his sophomore campaign? A better Mike “WAR” Trout? Did the Blue Jays Marlins pilfering splash filled off-season make them the AL East favorite? All these questions and much more will be answered. Oh yeah, and is this FINALLY the year the Pittsburgh Pirates end their sub-500 record long losing streak?! Eh… Not so fast.

Baseball may be back, but the rest of the sports world is not yet taking a backseat. Atlanta is primed to host college basketball’s Final Four weekend. Louisville, hoping to win for hometown kid, Kevin Ware, who will be there recovering from his gruesome broken leg, squares off against cinderella Wichita State. And Syracuse dances with Michigan, making this the Wolverines’ first trip since the Fab Five days. Who will cut down the nets and which team will stand tall as national champion? George even rejoices a rare victory in a competition over Mike. Hey, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. We also can’t forget about a buffoon head coach being fired!

NHL’s Trade Deadline came and went without much fanfare. Despite a lacking of excitement, some big moves were made. Who were the winners and more importantly, and asininely, who were the losers?

Baseball brings the magic. Magic creates conquering. The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw are magicians, by conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Magic In The Air (2013 MLB Preview)

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – WrestleMania NY/NJ (XXIX!) Preview (Guest: Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley)

WrestleMania is in the air and the “grandest stage of them all” is poised for another monumental event. With WrestleMania 29 only days away, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti welcomes a familiar wrestling talk foe – Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley, back to the HBS ring.

The ultimate media “heel” grapples with the ultimate media “baby face” (even more so than the Howitzer), as they discuss everything and anything going on in World Wrestling Entertainment, building up to the culmination of another WWE season. What do they think of the card? How does it stack up with past Wrestlemanias? How could this show have been set up differently? What will be the outcomes of each match and what will they lead to in the coming months? Will the buried and demoted stars return to the main event ranks post-mania?

John Cena and The Rock in a Wrestlemania 28 re-match. This time for the gold. Will it be better than last year’s match? Mike surely hopes so. Is their rivalry already stale? Is this now the perfect opportunity to FINALLY have Cena become a bad guy?! Maybe one day Mike and Kelen will agree on this age old wrestling argument. Not likely.

CM Punk challenges “The Streak” and the Undertaker defends Paul Bearer’s honor. Thoughts on the streak in general. And a guaranteed passionated debate on if the use of Paul Bearer’s death has been over the line. Vince McMahon loves the polarizing controversy and so does the Buzz-saw.

A long standing Randy Orton heel turn prediction will be reiterated throughout the broadcast, as the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show welcomes WRESTLEMANIA to the program.

Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti is a legendary conquer. Like most Hall of Fame conquers, the Buzz-Saw doesn’t “job” for anyone. As he does with each breath on the mic, the Buzz-Saw conquers sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – WrestleMania NY/NJ (XXIX!) Preview (Guest: Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley)

Everyday People: The Wonderful World of Elizabethany

Blending style and entertainment is an art that few people have the patience or ability to master. Our interview today with Hot 100.5 DJ and avid blogger Elizabethany shatters that notion; everything seems to come so naturally to her that even when she’s working hard it still seems like she’s having the time of her life! Indeed Elizabethany is a wild card. You don’t always know what to expect – but you can bet your hard-earned dollar that it’ll be entertaining, it’ll be bold, and it’ll be delivered with her trademark style. Continue reading

The Email Exchange: The Walking Dead Theory


What began as an innocent few lines to Heather Carrico, who got me to start watching The Walking Dead turned into a massive email fest about what will happen in tonight’s season finale. Email gold is what follows. Continue reading

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Nonsensical Reality

In a sports world that is always humorous and rarely makes any sense, some of the news of the past week actually provided some shock, asinine shock, but shock none the less. Who better to discuss asinine sports news than Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo?

Look no further than the madness…in a tournament always dominated by madness, the 2013 NCAA Tournament has become perhaps the most maddening in history. Some 12 over 5′s – sure. A 14 over a 3 – alright. A 15 over a 2 – damn. Almost a couple 16′s over 1′s – wow. And that was just the first weekend. There’s still some usual suspects around, but they’re joined by La Salle, Wichita State, and FLORIDA GULF COAST?! A program not even in existence a decade ago is in the Sweet 16! March Madness is alive and well.

While the on-court action is exciting, the off-court college basketball stories are equally as entertaining. Eliminated UCLA and Minnesota (ironically the team that ousted the Bruins) fired their prominent stellar head coaches. Which one of these moves was more nonsensical and ridiculous? Where do these programs go from here?

Tiger Tiger Woods, ya’ll! The man, the myth, the legend has finally reclaim his throne at top of the golf mountain. Does Tiger Woods spot as golf’s number one player in the world mean he’s back? Mike angrily explains how this entire notion is unreasonable at this point in Tiger’s career.

A hockey team is in the midst of a historic streak AGAIN and the NHL trade season has officially begun. The Pittsburgh Penguins and the rumor mill conclude with a hockey legend another gold star show.

Nonsensical reality may be abundant, but the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw conquer regardless, by conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Nonsensical Reality