The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Act Buffoon, Think Later

Herm Edwards preaches a valuable philosophy to athletes across the entire sports world. It’s simple: his “Don’t Press Send” lesson teaches athletes to think first before acting or tweeting buffoonery to the masses.

While most people would probably prefer if more actually followed this and listened to Herm. In contrast, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo are thrilled each and every time someone does not.

During this edition of the now famous and renowned HBS, your favorite sports genius’ banter about asininity, as only they can.

Aaron Hernandez’s former teammates sending a very public message of support to the once All-Pro tight end awaiting his murder trial. Should Maurkice and Mike Pouncey receive any punishment for rocking “Free Hernandez hats in a tweeted picture? If not from the NFL, should their respective teams get involved? As par for his heel course, I’m sure Mike’s thoughts will shock George and be agreed with by few.

Johnny Manziel resurrected an historic program and took the college football landscape by storm last season, so much so he became the first freshman ever to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy. Ever since his phenomenal year on the field ended, Johnny “Football” has done what most college kids do: party, drink, and stay up all night. Will his antics have any effect on the 2013 season and is too much being made of him acting as most guys his age do?

An MLB mid-season award segment and a discussion if the new FOX Sports 1 will truly give the sports media mothership, ESPN, a run for its money round out another gold quality program.

What’s always great and never asinine? The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw Show, that’s what. Always conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Act Buffoon, Think Later

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Artifacts From The Past: 7 Seasons of Boy Meets World

Originally posted July 19, 2013.

One of the last things Ashley and I did before she moved was watch all seven seasons of the popular 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World. It was one of our favorite shows growing up. Definitely top 10 for me and potentially top 5 of all-time. Closer to number 1 for Ashley. Continue reading

Slater’s Signature Finisher: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam – Yes! Yes! Yes!

Originally posted July 17, 2013.

The July 15, 2013 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw was one of the top-to-bottom most enjoyable three-hour programs since they switched to 3 hours last summer. There were two big reasons for that. The first was because they were in front of a hot, enthusiastic crowd. New York is considered the “home market” for WWE and they were in the new Barclays Center (home of the Brooklyn Nets) for only the second time. It was the first time for Monday Night Raw. Continue reading

Artifacts From The Past: Reliving the Pokémon Glory Days

Holographics: More Valuable than Gold!

Last week during spring cleaning, my wife and I happened upon an old deck of Pokémon cards that I had stashed away for safe keeping. I pulled off the horribly dry-rotted rubber band and fanned the cards out in my hand, letting the memories come rushing back. Most of the cards were browning on the edges and a few of the holographic cards were stuck on the backs of other cards, but most of them were still in relatively decent condition. I saved my wife the spiel that I knew would have her eyes glazing over – how I had formulated my deck to be one of the most competitive in town, how the mechanics of the cards interplay to form the basis for my strategy, and how I had spent countless hours trading and tweaking – but it did get the wheels in my head turning. It made me want to play again! Continue reading

Anyone Hear About This?: Atheists Get A Monument; Christians Get Peeved

A quick recap of what happened Saturday, June 29: A group of atheists wanted to tear down a stone monument of the Ten Commandments in Starke, Florida. The atheists failed, but got something else. They got to place a monument to state their beliefs. Which is to say…nothing, they don’t believe in anything, duh. Of course, in a turn of events, there was a group of Christians out protesting them. It’s rather ironic, because usually it’s the atheists that protesting Christian monuments. Continue reading

Anyone Hear About This?: The San Francisco Transit Strike

Editor’s note: Thomas wrote this prior to the strike but I was too busy getting married to post this sooner. My bad. – Kelen

If anyone doesn’t keep up on the news, let me fill you in. The unions have threatened that the workers for San Francisco rapid transit may go on strike Monday, July 1st. As you read this, it may be a done deal and a strike is already occurring. The union represents more then 2400 train operators, station agents, mechanics, professional staff and maintenance workers. The cause you might ask? Well, the union wants a 5 percent annual raise over the next three years. This is for operators and agents that average $71,000 a year. The answer was for an 8 percent annual raise over the next four years. Hmm, why am I talking about this? Continue reading

Better In The Dark – Episode #150: Better In The Dark versus Listener Homework!

To celebrate our latest milestone, The Boys Outta Brooklyn review a quartet of movies assigned to us by the members of the Better in the Dark Facebook page. Listen as Derrick tries to figure out the time travel conundrums of Primer, Tom extols the joys of Dancing Charles Durning, and both of them field questions about Howard Hawks, potential Marvel recasts, and the episodes they’d like to re-record. All this, plus, leopard! You don’t want teacher to get pissed off, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark – Episode #150: Better In The Dark versus Listener Homework!

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Do Not Disturb The Lunacy

Since the last time your favorite sports genius’ graced your ears, America celebrated its independence, a friend was married, and many more asinine tales were added to the history books, highlighted by Mike vs. a hotel housekeeper. Now Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo are rejuvenated and ready to blast the airwaves with their wisdom, humor, buffoon trashing, and entertaining antics.

It’s the heartbeat of the summer, so that means the Major League Baseball All-Star festivities are here. Did the fans get the vote right? Which league has the edge? Oh and how asinine is the fact an All-Star game STILL decides home field advantage in the World Series? Listen to Mike. He will tell you it’s very criminally asinine.

Besides the game itself, the Home Run Derby is another mid-summer staple. A rant for the ages on player picking participants and the undeserving Michael Cuddyer is primed for your listening pleasure.

As the immortal Bob Sheppard would say, number 2 for the New York Yankees, number 2, Derek Jeter. He’s back. How much of an impact will he have?

From America to Russia with love. That’s what Ilya Kovalchuk is saying to hockey fans, as he ends his NHL career and takes his talents to the KHL. George forces Mike to get in this man’s head, to provide reasoning for leaving 12 more years of a contract on the table. What will this do to the future of a proud New Jersey Devil franchise, now void of a superstar?

And last but never least, the Dwightmare is over! After a 2 year+ soap opera, Dwight Howard is now a Houston Rocket. How good is his new team? What will the Laker fallout be? How should this situation been handled better? Yes, we asked this.

Let the asininity be. Do NOT disturb the lunacy. Need it all defeated? The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw conquer it all, while conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Do Not Disturb The Lunacy

14 Questions: Red, White & Hyphen

I’m two days late. Happy birthday ‘Merica. Happy Magna Carta Holy Grail. Happy wedding to me. I give all credit to DJ Monstalung for the NBA questions. Continue reading

You Can’t Say That Thomas: On Women’s Lib

Okay, this is probably not something I should write, but I figured, why not? I just felt like sharing my point of view as a modern man. In modern times, being a male isn’t that popular. The fact is, I can deal with this. It mostly has to do with feminism and general feminist views. Continue reading