Encylopedia Crawford Knows All: The Vegan Theory

Alright, it isn’t nice. I know. The fact is that anyone that knows me will say I’m opinionated on many subjects. The fact is, I do tend to make jokes and pick on people, such as those that call themselves vegans. To those that are living under a rock, vegans are people that eat absolutely no meat, no eggs, no milk, no butter or cheese. These individuals do it for a variety of reasons. They do it for health and spiritual reasons. They also do it because they are disgusted with how modern animals are treated in pens and slaughterhouses. Continue reading

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Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: Don’t Worry, It’s Good For You!

This is not a pro smoking schtick. Actually, I don’t smoke, never really liked it. The fact is that as our nation grows, it seems more and more laws are put in place to, “save ourselves” from…well, ourselves. The fact is, I just like how they always seem to find one culprit, one, “bad guy,” and force everyone to believe it. The fact is, I know smoking is bad. People have known that well over a century now. There is a reason that in the 1920s and earlier, cigarettes were called cancer sticks. Continue reading

Better In The Dark – Episode #38: The Three Faces of I Am Legend


In honor of a great, great man:

Richard Matheson
February 20, 1926 – June 23, 2013

“If men only felt about death as they do about sleep, all terrors would cease. . . Men sleep contentedly, assured that they will wake the following morning. They should feel the same about their lives.”

The Guys Outta Brooklyn spend some time waiting for the end of the world by examining the classic Richard Matheson novella I Am Legend and its three adaptations. Each of these trio of films are very different in tone and approach, and Tom and Derrick will compare and contrast them all. From the black-as-pitch black and white melodrama of The Last Man on Earth to Charlton Heston kicking ass in The Omega Man to Will Smith and his dog trying to survive in I Am Legend, we cover them all! Plus some talk about mixing animation and live action, and Tom is vindicated when Derrick finally watches the Kristen Bell tragedy Pulse. Bare those teeth like you mean it–get to clicking!

Better In The Dark – Episode #38: The Three Faces of I Am Legend

Anyone Hear About This?: The SUPER MOON!

Really? I mean come on, is this that big of a thing? Once a year the moon appears bigger, and brighter than normal. OHHHH, it is amazing! Continue reading

Encyclopedia Crawford Knows All: We’ve Got Talent!

Okay, maybe not everyone. Anyone who owns a television is very familiar with the past decade or so of “talent shows”. I call them that and everyone knows what I’m talking about. There are shows like The X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, and numerous others. The fact is that every year, millions of people put their hopes and dreams out there for all to see. They all hope to win the prize or at least get noticed and become famous. Continue reading

Promos By Hyphen: Payback Schmayback

So you’ve watched Payback and Raw and you’re ready to read more about the latest in the WWE? Of course, you look to Promos By Hyphen for all the information you need.

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Rest In Peace James Gandolfini

If anyone has yet to hear, the actor James Gandolfini, best known for his role as Tony on The Sopranos, has died. At the age of 51, the star died Wednesday night, June 19th. He died while vacationing in Rome, and as of yet no cause of death has been given.[1. It is believed to be a heart attack.]

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The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Love Life, Even When Asinine

Living life is always an adventure and always asinine for Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo. Learn about their appreciation of a reopening of a famous pizza place and George’s stamina issues mixed with Mike’s usual comedic stylings. That’s all before the sports talk even begins to blast your ears.

This week, the focus is highlighted by some New England Patriot drama. Aaron Hernandez, a member of the class filled and character driven franchise, is involved in a murder investigation?! Well, that’s what the reports are. With the little we currently know, is there already enough to warrant a league punishment? Should Robert Kraft and the Patriots feel pressure to sanction one of their own, for fear of hypocrisy? Can they remain contenders with so many offensive weapons in question?

Next up, the NBA and NHL seasons are not over yet. The Chicago Blackhawks appear in trouble, now down in the Stanley Cup Finals to Boston. What needs changed for Chicago? And most importantly what is the deal with Marian Hossa sitting out a critical Game 3 loss? Lucky for you, the HBS is home to the leader of the Hossa fan club. Mike takes his rightful place as hockey’s most polarizing figure defense attorney.

A blockbuster deal that even included coach Doc Rivers has been nixed. Your favorite sports genius’ try to fix the asininity that has become the Boston Celtics and determine if the Clippers made the right decision.

LeBron and the Heat’s heroics to force a deciding Game 7 in the NBA Finals take place mid-show. Enjoy the jubilation and evil grinning of the Buzz-Saw, while the Howitzer sulks.

You think you know, but you have no idea. Just keep being amazed, as the Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Love Life, Even When Asinine

14 Questions: And a Yeezus Saved Them All

Heard Yeezus yesterday. In other news, most of these questions were inspired by the gym last Wednesday.

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