Slater’s Signature Finisher: CM Punk Finally Breaks Silence on Leaving WWE

By Chris Slater

Professional wrestler CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, shocked the wrestling world when he abruptly left WWE in January of this year. He gave no notice and stayed out of the public eye for months. He kept silent on the subject until Thanksgiving Day, appearing on the popular “Art Of Wrestling” podcast, hosted by veteran journeyman wrestler Colt Cabana. Both Punk and Cabana are best friends, having begun their wrestling training together in the early 2000’s.

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Slater’s Signature Finisher: Sting makes first official WWE appearance


For nearly 20 years, Sting had been unofficially known as the biggest wrestling superstar to never sign a WWE contract. Earlier this year, rumors started making the rounds that Sting and WWE were finally in negotiations. At 55-years-old, I guess Sting realized that the time is now or never to make any kind of serious impact in a WWE ring.

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Slater’s Signature Finisher: Potential Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants

One word perfectly sums up the annual January pay-per-view event known as the Royal Rumble: fun. It’s just a fun match. Two men start, another randomly-selected competitor comes out every 90 seconds; the chaos leads to fun. In addition to the chaos of all those men (and the occasional woman) trying to throw each other over the top rope, we have an added element in the surprise entrant. Continue reading

Slater’s Signature Finisher: Top 10 wrestling DVDs of 2013

The following is by no means comprehensive. I did not watch every professional wrestling DVD that was produced by the major companies in 2013. I did watch a lot of them, though. And, what follows is a list of my 10 favorite. They are in order from my favorite to 10th favorite. The tally for who made what is as follows: WWE has 7 of 10. Ring of Honor has 2 of 10. And independent wrestler Adam Pearce has one. Continue reading