Geeks of Gridiron: Week 2 – The Champ Reigns Supreme

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Week 1 Review
The reigning champ picked up where he left off last season, atop the leaderboard, as he went 10-6. Deja also went 10-6, giving the reigning champ some much needed competition. The two rookies, Diamond Jim and Howitzer sit in a four way tie for third with the Buzz-Saw and B Hyphen (all 9-7), while Triple S (8-8) is already playing catchup for the second straight season. With 16 weeks left and all combatants within two picks, the minister of the tricycle is still within reach of everyone.

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Geeks of Gridiron: Introductions and Week 1 – Choose Wisely

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Football has returned for another season, and so has the trike crew, ready to battle each other in the ultimate underground pick ‘em league where buzz-saws force deep incisions, monsters prey on their “frenemies” and the rest play Rambo, looking for the right time to strike. In other words, a group of friends choose the winner of every NFL game every week during the regular season for bragging rights.

The second season of GoG saw a 1st year picker become the minister of the tricycle. Will the same hold true for the third season?  Five of his closest foes don’t “Bo-lieve” so.

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Geeks Of Gridiron – Final Standings: Johnathan “Mischievious” McCumber is Your Champion

Despite being new to Geeks Of Gridiron this season, Johnathan “Mischievious” McCumber wasted no time making it known that he wasn’t the average picker. He blasted out of Week 1 with 13 correct picks and never went below 6 correct picks the rest of the way to seal his first ever Minister Of The Trike Championship. Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley recovered from his last place finish a year ago, but still found himself 6 games behind MI. Thomas Deja followed up last year’s second place finish in third place.

Congratulations are due to MI, who we hope will return next season to defend his Minister Of The Trike Title!

Final Standings
159 correct
The Hyphen: 153 correct
Deja: 145 correct
The Buzz-Saw: 116 correct (dropped out)
Triple S: 80 correct (dropped out)

Geeks Of Gridiron – Week 16 Results

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets

Jets CB Antonio Cromarti tips the ball away from Browns WR Greg Little. The Jets won 24-13 behind 2 touchdowns from Geno Smith and 109 yards from RB Chris Ivory. The loss was the Browns’ 6th in a row. Tom stuck with his team last week, one of his 9 correct picks.


MI: 147 correct
The Hyphen: 142 correct
Deja: 134 correct

Geeks Of Gridiron – Week 15 Results


Bills RB Fred Jackson helped end the Jaguars’ 3 game winning streak on Sunday, 27-20. Tom was the only one to have faith in the Bills’ ability to circle the wagons, as they were one of his 7 correct picks last week.


MI: 139 correct
The Hyphen: 132 correct
Deja: 125 correct
The Buzz-Saw: 116 correct (dropped out)

Geeks Of Gridiron – Week 14 Results


The Bears defeated the Cowboys behind a spectacular Monday Night Football game by backup QB Josh McCown. Kelen was the lone man to believe in the Bears this week, adding their win to his total of 13 correct picks in Week 14.


MI: 132 correct
The Hyphen: 124 correct
Deja: 118 correct
The Buzz-Saw: 116 correct
80 correct (dropped out)

Geeks Of Gridiron – Week 13 Results

The Bears lost in OT to the Vikings when Robbie Gould missed a potential game winning field goal. We all picked da Bears.

The Bears lost in OT to the Vikings when Robbie Gould missed a potential game winning field goal. We all picked da Bears.


Johnathan “Mischievious” McCumber: 123 correct
Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley: 111 correct
Thomas “King Of Nocturne” Deja: 108 correct
Mike “The Buzz-Saw” Asti: 104 correct
Anthony “Triple S” Sellers:
80 correct (dropped out)

Geeks of Gridiron: Week 6 – Mischievious Continues To Flourish

The rookie Johnathan “Mischievious” McCumber, who went 9-5 last week, continues to put a minor stranglehold on the Minister of the Tricycle trophy. He has a two game lead over Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley. Conley put up the worst record last week, going 7-7. Thomas “Nocturne” Deja has quietly lingered in middle position all season as he hasn’t had a week where he picked less then 9 games correctly as he went 9-5 last week. Anthony “Triple S” Sellers is 6 games back (45-32 overall). However, he and Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti (44-33 overall) both took a step in the right direction by each going 10-4 last week. Can they continue their comeback to prominence or will the rookie continue to chain down the Gridiron Geek veterans? Continue reading

Geeks Of Gridiron: Week 5 – The Fight Continues

Through the first four weeks of the NFL season, the fight to be the Minister of the Tricycle has been hard fought between both Kelen “B Hyphen” and the rookie Johnathan “Mischievious” McCumber.  Who wants to be Ali and force the other to go down like Frazier? Both have 42-21 records through the first four weeks. Or can Tom “Nocturne” Deja, Anthony “Triple S” Sellers, or Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti force their way into the ring to deliver the Haymaker? Find out below. Continue reading

Geeks of Gridiron: Week 4 – It’s Hyphen’s Time to Shine


Through the first three weeks, Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley has led the way (34-14), despite a mediocre 9-7 last week. The rookie “Mischievious” McCumber is right behind B Hyphen, going 31-17 through the first three weeks. Thomas “Nocturne” Deja has been the model of consistency of the group, going 10-6 all three weeks. The defending champion, Mike “The Buzz-Saw” Asti (28-20 through 3 weeks)  hasn’t been able to emulate last season’s success, as he sits in fourth place. Anthony “Triple S” Sellers has been the dullest tool in the GoG shed, however, only carving out a 27-21 record through the first three weeks. Can Asti mount a comeback to repeat as champion? Can “Triple S” transform into the proverbial gridiron Einstein? Can Hyphen stay atop the group?

Conley 34-14 (9-7 week 3)
McCumber 31-17 (8-8 week 3)
Deja 30-18 (10-6 week 3)
Asti 28-20 (7-9 week 3)
Sellers 27-21 (7-9 week 3)

The Unanimous Games (unanimous groups picks are bold and italicized)
San Francisco @ St. Louis (played Thursday night)
Cincinnati @ Cleveland
Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
Philadelphia @ Denver 
New England @ Atlanta 
Miami @ New Orleans 

The Standout Games
Baltimore @ Buffalo 
The rookie Mischievious “quoth the Raven, nevermore.” He likes the Bills to win at home, while the rest of the Gridiron Geeks are flying with Joe Flacco and the Ravens.

Chicago @ Detroit 
Again, the rookie Mischievious stands alone, taking the Lions at home while the other Gridiron Geeks like Chicago to leave Detroit with a victory.

New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs
The Buzz-Saw goes with Eli Manning and the Giants to bounce back against KC, while the other four Gridiron Geeks like Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs to get back-to-back-to-back-to-back wins.

Pittsburgh @ Minnesota
Which team will get their first win? The rookie Mischievious and “Nocturne” Deja  (you can read Deja’s analysis here) go with Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. The Buzz-Saw, B Hyphen, and Triple S like Pittsburgh to defeat Minnesota in London for their first win of the season.

Arizona @ Tampa Bay
While four of the Gridiron Geeks like Arizona, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” went in the opposite direction and likes the Buccaneers to snipe the Cardinals this week.

Seattle @ Houston
Deja, Hyphen, and Sellers go with the Seahawks on the road, while the rookie Mischievious and the Buzz-Saw like the Texans at home.

New York Jets @ Tennessee
Again, it’s Deja, Hyphen, and Sellers teaming up with the Jets and rookie QB Geno Smith, while the rookie Mischievious and the Buzz-Saw like the Titans to win at home.

Washington @ Oakland
The rookie Mischievious and Sellers go with the Redskins to win in the black hole, while B Hyphen, the Buzz-Saw and Deja like the Raiders to get their second win.

Dallas @ San Diego
B Hyphen, the Buzz-Saw and Deja pick San Diego to get to .500 on the season, while the rookie Mischievious and Sellers go with America’s Team.

Be sure to check back next week as the Gridiron Geeks continue to battle for the title “Minister of the Tricycle”!