One Season In Cleveland: Free Agency and the NFL Draft

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Welcome back to my feature about my hypothetical run as General Manager of my beloved Cleveland Browns. The first installment included me talking about making sure the front office created a clear-cut gameplan for the organization as well as making a couple brief points on some of the roster decisions for the upcoming season. This time around, I’m going to go more in-depth about free agency and the draft. (more…)

One Season In Cleveland: If I Was In Charge

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Anyone who follows sports knows that there has been a huge whirlwind swirling over Lake Erie and the Cleveland Browns organization. From the outside looking in, owner Jimmy Haslem seems to have proven his ineptitude to run an NFL organization (I’m not going to speculate how inept his other business may or may not be run, but there is that question in my head). Since it seems that any Joe Schmoe halfwit fool can run the organization, I figured why not write about what I would do hypothetically if I was in charge of my beloved Browns. (more…)

Predicting the 2013 NFL Playoffs: Championship Round

So now I suppose I don’t look so crazy after going 3-1 last weekend, including calling the 49ers road win at Carolina. Almost 4-0 if some breaks had went my way with the Chargers.

But still, don’t use my picks as betting advice. (more…)