The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – It’s Raining Cash & Champions!

When sports get funky, Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo spear the asininity for the three count. Championships will be won, contracts will be signed, and punches will be thrown…all on this edition of the best damn podcast around, the Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show!

If a franchise with unlimited money is what you want, look no further than the Los Angeles Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw already has 2 Cy Young awards on his resume. These and his consistent early career brilliance has earned the Dodgers ace some straight cash to the variety of $215 million. Kershaw will now earn an average of $30 million per year for 7 years. Even with his success and promise for the future, was this too much to pay for player only taking the field every fifth day? What will this mega contract mean for future deals?

Sticking with baseball, MLB has officially passed their new instant replay system. Will replay eliminate the constant controversies? Are there and negatives and adjustments that still need made?

When your team is losing and suffering from a disease of drama, what do you do to gain attention? Well, punching a defender, after your posterizing attempt was foiled is usually a solid choice. Nick Young agrees. Is a 1 game suspension enough? What the Hell is wrong with the Lakers immature Kid N’ Play look alike?

Any reason to press the panic button for the Heat off their losing streak? Mike informs George why he’s insanely overreacting.

Another gold quality broadcasts caps off with the NFL’s Championship weekend. Who will win the bitter rivalry of youth between the 49ers and Seahawks? Does Peyton Manning need a win for his legacy? The Super Bowl 48 matchup will be set.

Our champions are eternally crown, as the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – It’s Raining Cash & Champions!

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – A Buffoon Excluding Christmas

Happy holidays from Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo. Your favorite sports geniuses say Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever the Hell you people celebrate. However, we here at the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw Show want to make it clear we do not wish a happy holiday season or send any warm regards to the buffoons. You people just suck too much to wish joy for.

On this holiday buffoon excluding edition of the HBS, we start with news of Kobe Bryant suffering another injury, as he’ll now be missing six weeks. Mike and George discuss how this will impact Kobe and the Lakers as a team. They also venture into rare waters, asking if his contract was hypocritical and selfish from his self professed goals of winning another championship. There is plenty of warranted criticism to place in Kobe’s directon. Sorry, not sorry no one else wants to go there.

There’s a forced west coast bias in the NHL these days. Why? Well the West, most notably California is where most of the quality teams are. The Ducks are for real and the Kings keep sippin’ on that winning gin and juice, while everyone else (except Chicago) toils around them. Are really any other true Stanley Cup caliber squads out West besides Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Chicago?

Over in the Eastern Conference, a former West power, the Detroit Red Wings have been an odd mess. Is it fixable in Hockeytown?

It was another NFL week of drama. And the Buzz-Saw is disgusted with one member of the Dallas Cowboys, not named Tony Romo.

A final bow is put on the holiday season and possibly the year with week 16 in the HBS NFL Pick’em Challenge, as well as an early look at college basketball.

The Howitzer and Buzz-Saw send vibes for a happy holiday season to all except the buffoons, while conquering sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – A Buffoon Excluding Christmas

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Guessing A Motive

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

Asinine dramas may scare some of you. Asinine dramas excite Mike “the Buzz-Saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo. Asinine dramas are currently overdosing all over the sports world. With now a festive vibe for the holiday season, your favorite sports geniuses entertain you, and really themselves, trying to uncover the roots to it all.

Despite having already clinched the Most Asinine Franchise of the Year award, the Washington Redskins just won’t stop. Mike Shanahan has now officially decided to bench or “preserve” Robert Griffin III (or Bobby 3, as we like to call him) for the rest of the season. From there, it’s been a domino effect. Mike, in typical heel fashion, actually lends a rare perspective in a semi-defense of the hated Shanahan. Is this perhaps the best decision for RGIII and the Redskins future, regardless of motive? Where does this once proud organization attempt to go from here?

Keeping up with the dramatic trend, the NHL saw another game turn into a fiasco recently. What the Hell went on between the Penguins and Bruins? Did Shawn Thornton’s actions mask James Neal’s? Are the punishments fitting to the crimes? How do these incidents compare to the crimes of the past?

College football finally got it right with Florida State and Auburn set to meet for the National Championship. And with Nick Saban not going to Texas, Mike gives his conspiracy.

It’s the stretch run in the HBS NFL Pick’em Challenge! And the Chicago Bulls life of lunacy continues. Will they actually trade their head coach?! Even with Derrick Rose’s injury, is the Knicks really a better gig? The Curse of the Howitzer strikes again.

Embracing drama and asininity like it’s their job, the Howitzer and Buzz-Saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show – Guessing A Motive