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Shiva Season – Week 3 Must Have Stars and Diamond Players

Different variations of the old adage “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” kept popping into my head this week. With all the dumbassery (props to the Lex and Terry show for that word) that has come out not just this week, but all season about football players at both the college (Jameis Winston) and pro level (Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Adrian Peterson), it just seemed like a fitting phrase. Not to mention the injuries that piled up in week 2 for many teams.

Some of the losses are going to affect their respective teams. However, it also brings about opportunities for those teams to really see what they have in their backups. For fantasy football owners, this also gives a chance to show your genius or dumbassery to the rest of your peers. I’m not talking about picking up Kansas City’s Knile Davis, but who’s going to finally take a chance on Travis Kelce? Who is overlooking Niles Paul in Washington because of Logan Paulson being listed ahead of him on the depth chart in Washington?

Those are just a couple examples that may be a little more well-known, but you get the gist. The second level thinking is what separates the best from everyone else in fantasy football.

Now that I’ve given my food for thought for the week, let’s move on to my dumbassery for the salary cap frenzy this week, enjoy!

Must-Have QB’s
Drew Brees ($9100) – The Saints are 0-2 despite good performances the past two weeks from their offense. I look for the Brees/Graham connection to carry over as they are also at home for the first time this season. Add to that all the Adrian Peterson drama coming out of Minnesota, not only will their heads not be right, but their defense just isn’t good enough to stop the Saints offense. I’m optimistic that Brees will throw for over 300 yards and 3 TD’s this week, which is enough for me to justify the 9100 salary that comes with him.

Kirk Cousins ($6800) – This may seem like a longshot pick, but Cousins played well in RG3’s absence last season, and he was better than Griffin during the whole preseason. Even though he’s going against Philly this week, he has better command of the offense and is more comfortable in the pocket. It’s a perfect storm of sorts, as he has a low salary with a ceiling close to the clouds. A multi-TD game isn’t impossible. I expect he’ll make a lot of noise this week.

Diamond in the rough QB
Ryan Fitzpatrick ($6400) – Fitzpatrick has always been a hit or miss fantasy player, but he’s a smart QB that isn’t afraid to take shots down the field. He’s has a favorable matchup against the Giants secondary and enough weapons on offense with Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins to give New York problems in the passing game. Somewhere in the range of 250 yds and at least one TD isn’t unrealistic, and with the low salary it could pay off big in a big tourney.

Must Have RB’s
DeMarco Murray ($8700) – The past two weeks, Murray has been one of the best backs in the league. As long as he stays healthy, he’s going to get a lot of touches, which is going to translate into a lot of fantasy points. Expect the heavy workload to continue against St. Louis and for him to easily eclipse 100 yards and get a TD.

Gio Bernard ($8500) – Bernard has done nothing but ball out this season. Like Murray above, as long as he’s healthy, he’s gonna have a big role in Cincy’s offense. He’s a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses, and will provide a few explosive plays that will change the course of the game.

Diamond in the Rough RB
Terrance West ($5800) – I know I rolled with West last week, but he gave a solid performance. He’s going to get around 20 touches again this week, runs hard and plays with a chip on his shoulder. As long as his price stays below $6000 and he’s starting, I’ll take him no questions asked. Even if he doesn’t get 100 yards in this game, I think he’ll offset it by finding the endzone.

Must have WR’s
Brandon Marshall ($8200) – After last week’s performance, one may think that his “injury” was more of a hoax. He has a favorable matchup against a Jet’s secondary that was torched by the Packers last week. Cutler should find him for more than 100 yards and a TD or two, which in my mind will be worth his salary.

Calvin Johnson ($9000) – The Lions are at home against the Packers. It’s a matchup that has Wild West shootout written all over it. To me, that means Megatron getting a lot of passes from his Starscream (Stafford). Look for couple TD’s to set him over the top this week.

Jeremy Maclin ($6300) – Divisional game, Maclin has done enough to prove he can be a top WR for a team. Foles will look his way often, and Maclin has been consistent the last two weeks, something I think will happen again this week.

Diamond in the Rough WR
Brian Quick ($5200) – For the second week, I’ve had a hard time choosing a diamond WR, as there are multiple candidates at low prices that have high upside. Andrew Hawkins and Golden Tate are in the mix for this, but Quick gets the nod here as he has been the only bright spot in St. Louis. His week 2 stat line was nearly identical to his week 1 stat, minus the TD. I think he eclipses 100 yards this week and gets a TD.

Must Have TE
Jimmy Graham ($8400) – See Drew Brees above. Graham will get his touches, and Minnesota doesn’t have the personnel to stop him. A 2nd straight multi-TD game is highly possible which would again make him a top TE play this week.

Diamond in the Rough TE
Niles Paul ($5000) ­– He may not be the diamond due to the fact that he has been mentioned by a lot this week, but I like his price tag and I’m not sure Travis Kelce will get a TD this week for Kansas City, which gives Paul the nod here. He’s athletic in the mold of his teammate Jordan Reed, except without the concussion issues (knock on wood). Cousins will look to spread the ball and is playing for a permanent starting spot in my mind, and Paul may help him secure that spot with a TD and 75-80 yards.

I know this is last minute and I apologize, next week’s should be up before Sunday. Until then, kill your leagues.

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Geeks of Gridiron: Week 3 – Setting the Pace

Week 2 Review
Week 1 ended with everyone within two games of each other. After two weeks, the lineup is still the same, with two games still separating the leaders from the bottom feeders of the group. Nobody was able to stand out as the best record for week 2 was 8-8, accomplished by B Hyphen and the rookie Diamond Jim. The .500 performances was enough to put both into the four way tie for first. The reigning champ and Nocturne Tom Deja, both of which led after week 1, went 7-9 in week 2 and are the other two fighting on the top step of the ladder with B Hyphen and the rookie. The Buzz-Saw and Triple S also went 7-9, while the Howitzer double G had a case of bad choices, going 6-10. He’ll look for some medication to remedy the problem in week 3.

The Standings
Mischievious     17-15 (7-9 in week 2)
Nocturne Deja   17-15 (7-9 in week 2)
B Hyphen          17-15 (8-8 in week 2)
Diamond Jim     17-15 (8-8 in week 2)
The Buzz-Saw   16-16 (7-9 in week 2)
Triple S              15-17 (7-9 in week 2)
Howitzer            15-17 (6-10 in week 2)

The Unanimous Games (Group’s picks are bold and italicized)
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta (Thursday Night Game)
Dallas @ St. Louis
Oakland @ New England
Washington @ Philadelphia

The Standout Games
San Diego @ Buffalo
The reigning champ and the Howitzer like the Bills to defeat the Chargers, who is without RB Ryan Matthews this week. That fact didn’t sway The Buzz-Saw, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja, the rookie Diamond Jim and Triple S as they went with San Diego.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati
The rookie Diamond Jim took the Titans in what should be a good game. The Buzz-Saw, the Howitzer, the reigning champ, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja, and Triple S is going with A.J. Green and the Bengals.

Baltimore @ Cleveland
The reigning champ Mischievious and Triple S are making fan favorite picks (just a small reminder that both are cursed if you go by the Buzz-Saw’s words), going with the Browns at home against the Ravens. The Howitzer Buzz-Saw show, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja and the rookie Diamond Jim like the Ravens.

Green Bay @ Detroit
Nocturne Tom Deja is the only one with a Lions heart this week, as the Buzz-Saw, double G (Howitzer), the reigning champ, B Hyphen, Diamond Jim and Triple S are siding with Green Bay on the road.

Minnesota @ New Orleans
Nocturne Tom Deja again stands alone in this game, as he likes the Vikings despite all the turmoil coming out of Minnesota this week. The rest of the GoG squad like the Saints at home to finally get a win.

Houston @ New York Giants
The reigning champ, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja, and the rookie Diamond Jim go with Arian Foster and the Texans on the road, while triple S makes it a triple shot with the Howitzer Buzz-Saw show for the Giants.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
Nocturne Deja likes the Jaguars against the Colts, while the Buzz-Saw, the Howitzer, the reigning champ, B Hyphen, Diamond Jim and Triple S are siding with Indianapolis.

San Francisco @ Arizona
Two tough defenses matchup in Arizona this week. Double G, the reigning champ, the rookie, and Triple S like the 49ers while the Buzz-Saw, B Hyphen, and Nocturne Deja like the Cardinals at home.

Kansas City @ Miami
The GoG team is split in this game. The reigning champ, the rookie Diamond Jim and Triple S like the Chiefs. B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja, and the Howitzer Buzz-Saw show like the Dolphins.

Denver @ Seattle
The Super Bowl rematch is here. Diamond Jim is the lone Broncos fan of the group, but he’s not alone in picking them as the reigning champ went with Denver as well. The Buzz-Saw, double G, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja and Triple S is going with the 12th man and the Seahawks.

Pittsburgh @ Carolina
The Steeler fan (Buzz-Saw) has the Howitzer and Nocturne Deja with him in choosing Pittsburgh. The reigning champ, B Hyphen, Diamond Jim and Triple S prefer the Panthers in the Sunday night game.

Chicago @ New York Jets
Triple S likes the Jets to beat the Bears. He is the only one, however, as the Buzz-Saw, the Howitzer, the reigning champ, B Hyphen, Nocturne Deja and the rookie Diamond Jim are going with Chicago’s high powered offense on the road.

Trike House Party Blood Feud – Still Tapping The Keg

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Geeks of Gridiron: Week 2 – The Champ Reigns Supreme

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Week 1 Review
The reigning champ picked up where he left off last season, atop the leaderboard, as he went 10-6. Deja also went 10-6, giving the reigning champ some much needed competition. The two rookies, Diamond Jim and Howitzer sit in a four way tie for third with the Buzz-Saw and B Hyphen (all 9-7), while Triple S (8-8) is already playing catchup for the second straight season. With 16 weeks left and all combatants within two picks, the minister of the tricycle is still within reach of everyone.

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Shiva Season: Fantasy Football Must Have’s and Diamonds of week 2

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I make no bones about the fact that football season is my favorite time of year. It gives a special sense of optimism that ultimately turns into despair that only the truest of Browns fans can endure yet enjoy. It also brings about a lot of enthusiastic fantasy players creating the ultimate team. For many, it’s not just football season. No sir, this is Shiva Season. (Thank you FX for creating The League!)

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The NFL’s Women Problem

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I love football. If you are reading this, follow me on Twitter, or have ever spoken to me, you know this fact. I’ve often said my favorite place in the entire world is Heinz Field on a crisp fall (or freezing winter) day. I was an NBC Sunday Night Football Fan of the Week last December and was able to be on the field for pre-game warm-ups. It’s not a stretch to say that it was one of the best nights of my life.

I love football. I’m obsessed with football. I sometimes write a crappy blog about football. But I don’t know if I want to watch it anymore.

The fact that the NFL does not seem to think violence against women is serious is a problem for me, as I imagine it is for most women. Why should I spend my money on an organization that doesn’t care…

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Geeks of Gridiron: Introductions and Week 1 – Choose Wisely

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Football has returned for another season, and so has the trike crew, ready to battle each other in the ultimate underground pick ‘em league where buzz-saws force deep incisions, monsters prey on their “frenemies” and the rest play Rambo, looking for the right time to strike. In other words, a group of friends choose the winner of every NFL game every week during the regular season for bragging rights.

The second season of GoG saw a 1st year picker become the minister of the tricycle. Will the same hold true for the third season?  Five of his closest foes don’t “Bo-lieve” so.

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